Triosteum perfoliatum




          Triosteum perfoliatum drug is used to cure several types of symptom. Specially, this medicine is very effective to cure such diarrhea in which the patient suffers from pain along with loose motions, retching, and numbness in the lower organs after loose motions and diabetes mellitus. This medicine is also useful to cure hay fever. This drug cures neural symptoms and bilious problems. It also provides relief from pain due to bile disorders.

Useful in various symptoms:

Head symptoms:

          Triosteum perfoliatum is a great remedy in the symptoms as pain in the behind portion of the skull, retching along with headache, vomiting, fever due to cold along with constant pain in the whole body, feeling of burning sensation in the body parts and headache along with chronic catarrh.

Stomach symptoms:

          Triosteum perfoliatum drug should be used to cure the symptoms as anorexia, nausea due to standing after sitting, vomiting and pain with numbness (baynte) after nausea and frequent, diluet and frothy loose motions like water.

Symptoms related to external organs of the body:

          Triosteum perfoliatum is a beneficial remedy in the cases of hardness in the all joints of the body, muscles numbness due to gas trouble, bones pain, rheumatic pain of the back and pain in the body parts.

Skin symptoms:

          Triosteum perfoliatum drug is used to cure the symptoms as skin itching along with big flecks and Chhapaki disease due to stomach problems


          6 potencies of Triosteum perfoliatum medicine should be given to the suffered patient.