Introduction: -

Trinitrotoluene drug acts mainly on the red blood cells consequently; it becomes the cause of anemia and jaundice. Normally, these symptoms don’t occur easily in the patient body. Taking this medicine appears small symptoms of the blood deficiency and jaundice at last cures them. The patient who works in the area of much carbon-dioxide suffers from health problems by that red cells of the blood turn in to liquid and, blood does not circulate properly in the body because of that appears many types of symptom as- dyspnea, vertigo, headache, unconsciousness, heart shivering, sensation of tiredness due to any reason, muscles pain like spasm, bluish body along with excessive sleepiness, depression and insomnia. Trinitrotoluene drug should be used to cure above symptoms.      

Trinitrotoluene (t.n.t) drug creates symptoms of the diseases as jaundice due to contaminated blood and blood deficiency. The patient suffers from jaundice caused by destroying blood cells.

Useful in various symptoms: 

Head symptoms:

Trinitrotoluene is an excellent remedy in the cases of depression or frustration all the time, forehead pain, undesired of listening songs, desire of living alone, weeping without any reason, vertigo along with unconscious, inability of the brain to work properly, habitual of weeping and blackish face.

Respiratory symptoms:

Trinitrotoluene drug should be used to cure the symptoms as excessive sneezing, sensation of chocked nose due to dryness, mucous discharge from the nose, throat inflammation, feeling of chest suffocation along with pressure, dry cough in which the patient suffers from unconscious while coughing and throwing phlegm out as clots by expectorating. 

Heart symptoms:

Trinitrotoluene is a beneficial remedy in the cases of heart shivering, irregularity of the heartbeat and haltingly palpitation of the nerves.

Urinary symptoms:

Trinitrotoluene drug is used to cure the symptoms as muddy colour urination, ureter inflammation while urinating, sensation of urination suddenly, incontinence urinating and retention of urine.

Stomach symptoms:

Trinitrotoluene is a great remedy in the cases of bitter taste of the mouth, over thirst, punrudgiran of the sour products, intensive burning sensation in the behind portion of khadgakar part, retching, vomiting, constipation, loose motions along with pain and numbness (bayente).

Skin symptoms:

Trinitrotoluene is very useful medicine to cure the symptoms as hands yellowness, skin tumours, red pimples of the skin, skin blisters, itching and burning sensation of the skin along with swelling, bleeding from the nose and under the skin, skin swelling and sensation of pain and tiredness in the behind portion of the knee.    


These symptoms aggravate by drinking wine and tea.


Trinitrotoluene medicine can be compared with Zinc, Phosphorus, Cina , Ars and Plumb medicines.


30 potencies of Trinitrotoluene medicine should be given to the afflicted patient.