Trillium pendulum



Introduction: -

Trillium Pendulum is a useful drug to prevent hemorrhage from various body parts. This drug is used in such symptoms of chronic diarrhoea in which the blood and mucus come with motion.

This drug is curable in uterine hemorrhage, fear of abortion due to hemophilia, looseness of the anus and jerking pain. This drug is used in the symptoms of tuberculosis along with excessive discharging of pus with mucus, hemoptysis (discharging of blood with sputum), etc.   

The symptoms that may occur due to the use of this drug: - Condition of unconsciousness or dizziness of the patient.   

Use of Trillium Pendulum drug based on symptoms in various body parts: -  

Head-related symptoms: -

Trillium Pendulum drug should be used in such type of symptoms as headache that aggravates more from noise, always confused brain and feeling of enlarged eyes.  

Eye-related symptoms: -

Trillium Pendulum should be used in these symptoms as glaucoma and seeming of blueness in everything.

Nasal-related symptoms: -

Using Trillium Pendulum stops nosebleed.

Symptoms related to mouth: -

Trillium Pendulum drug is used in gums bleeding or blood discharging from gums after teeth up rooting.

Gastric-related symptoms: -

Taking Trillium Pendulum drug is beneficial in such type of symptoms as feeling heat and burning in the pharynx that aggravate to stomach gradually and hematemesis (blood vomiting) along with these symptoms. 

Symptoms related to rectum: -

Trillium Pendulum is used in the symptoms related to diarrhea as discharging of blood with chronic diarrhoea or pure blood with motion.   

Symptoms related to female: -

The intake of Trillium Pendulum drug is reliable in such symptoms as uterine hemorrhage along with feeling of shattered hips and waist and getting of relief to tie a bandage tightly on the waist. The use of this drug is beneficial in the presentation of menstruation each two weeks interval that stays for one week or more than; and discharging of blood along with above menstruation. This drug should be used in such type of symptoms related to female as discharging of bright blood when walk, prolapsus uterus along with feeling of tightness downwards, discharging of yellow and stringy leucorrhoea in much amount, bleeding from uterus after ending the menses, strangury after delivery and uterine hemorrhage after women delivery.    

Symptoms related to uterus: -

Trillium Pendulum drug should be used in the symptoms related to uterus as uterine hemophilia, discharging of blood from a little move, discharging of bright clotty blood with menses in the second weak after normal condition of menstruation; and bleeding from uterus due to reattachment from original place.   

Symptoms related to respiration: -

The use of Trillium Pendulum is curable for such type of symptoms as discharging of mucus mixed with blood while cough, expulsion of mucus with more pus when expectoration, blood splashing when cough, feeling pain in the extreme of sternum, irregular respiration along with halt breath and over sneezing. This drug is also used in pricking pain in the chest.   

Aggravation: -

The symptoms aggravate from excessive working, long hoarse-riding, a little physiologic movement, in evening, after the meal and to sit with stretching.

Amelioration: -

The patient gets relief to bend onwards, to exercise in the opened air and to tie bandage tightly.

Comparison: -

Trillium Pendulum drug can be compared with Trillium Senurm, Phycus, Lachesis , Sangudsuga Zonc, Epica, Sabina, and Hamemelis drugs. 

Dose: -

The mother tincture or lower potencies of Trillium Pendulum are used.