Trifolium pratenes



Introduction: -

Trifolium Pratenes drug is used to cure various types of symptoms. This drug contains special quality to generate salivary discharge. So, in the case of congestion in salivary glands, using this drug throws out the deposited blood from glands. This drug is also used in sensation of burning in the gland of ear root, stink discharging and crusts which remove after drying.  

Use of Trifolium Pratenes drug based on symptoms in various body parts: -  

Head-related symptoms: -

The use of Trifolium Pratenes drug is curable for such type of symptoms as confused mind after waking up in morning along with headache, such sensation as the frontal head is not working properly; undesired of mental work and poor memory.

Symptoms related to mouth: -

Taking Trifolium Pratenes drug ends the symptoms related to mouth as over salivation from the mouth and irritated throat along with sensation of burning.  

Symptoms related to respiration: -

Trifolium Pratenes drug should be used in the symptoms related to respiration as discharging catarrh and watery mucus from the nose along with burning in the respiratory organs, hoarseness, feeling suffocation in the throat, feeling cold at night along with cough, aggravation in cough especially in opened air, complaint of catarrh during hay-fever, trouble of such cough that makes the patient unconscious, attack of whooping cough and aggravation in cough at night.

Symptoms related to back: -

Trifolium Pratenes drug should be used in such type of symptoms related to back as neck stiffness and pain with swelling in the active muscles of the brain. Such symptoms ameliorate to heat and from rubbing.

Symptoms related to external body organs: -

Trifolium Pratenes drug should be used in these symptoms as sensation of itching in the palms, coolness in the hands and feet and presence of wound in the thighs.

Comparison: -

Trifolium Pratenes drug can be compared with Trifolium Rapense drug.

Dose: -

The mother tincture of Trifolium Pratenes drug is used.

Note: -

Trifolium Rapense drug is used at the place of Trifolium Pratenes drug in such special symptoms as swelling on the ear root, feeling of congestion in the salivary glands, generated pain and hardness especially in the bellower glands of chin that aggravates to lie; salivation from the mouth, incrementing in salivation to lie, bloody taste of the mouth and throat, sensation of inert heart, fears that decreases to sit and to walk and excessive sweating from the face etc.