Trichosanthis Cucumerina



Name in different languages:

Hindi            -       Kadvi parwal, Jungle chikoda, Sita parwal

Sanskrit      -         Amratphala, Bijgarbha, Kushthaha, Kaas-Bhajjen

Marathi        -        Raanparul, Kadupdol

Punjabi        -        Gwalkakdi

Gujarati       -         Kadvi parwal (Padol)

Bengali        -        Banpatol, Paltalata

Latin           -         Trichosanthis cucumerina


        Trichosanthis cucumerina is small and dry. Its juice is pungent. Its fruit is bitter, purgative, stimulant and hot by nature. It quenches thirst and checks bile disorders. It ends stomach worms and purifies the blood. It reduces swelling and brings the phlegm out. Trichosanthis cucumerina is used to get rid of white flecks, indigestion, anorexia, liver problems, jaundice, heart problems, piles, blood disorders, cough, asthma, bilious fever, chronic fever, ascites and skin diseases. It alleviates poisoning and reduces blood warmth.

Precaution: Over quantity of trichosanthis cucumerina may be the cause of vomiting.