Treatment through other ways



Some such methods are developed which have magical traits. Such methods are natural because no medicine is used in these methods. There is no fear of side effects too by adopting these methods. These methods should be adopted in the observance of doctors or experienced persons. After getting some information and efforts, a man can adopt such kinds of methods himself easily.


Water therapy:-

The treatment in which water is used is called water therapy. Several kinds of disease can be cured with the help of water. We can cure any kinds of sexual disease by adopting water therapy.

Bathing of loin region:-

Sexual problems can be cured by bathing of loin. Nervous system gets excitement through this kind of bathing and a man gets rid of premature ejaculation too. The man gets too much sexual power. To take bathing of loin, in the beginning a man should fill water in a big tub. Thereafter, he should sit in this tub by dipping his back, loin, stomach and genitals in the tub. Water should by a little cool in the tub. The man should keep on cleaning his genital dipped into the water with the help of neat and clean cloth for some time. If a man takes this kind of bathing for some days regularly, sexual power of the man enhances very much. If this bathing is taken in the evening or before going to bed, the doer does not suffer from those diseases, which attack at night. A man gets rid of nightfall after taking bath in this way.

Cold and hot fomenting:-

A man gets rid of nightfall, premature ejaculation and impotency by adopting this method. First, foment backbone from down to up by sinking a cloth in hot water for three minutes. Thereafter, dip another cloth in cold water and foment the same area with this cloth for one minute. Do this process many times. This method proves very beneficial. A man gets lots of relief by adopting this method for many days regularly.


The oil, which is used in this therapy, can be used to enhance sexual power. Whole body of a man can be massaged with this oil. Mix aroma oil should be mixed in coconut oil or olive oil and whole body of a man should be massaged with this oil. Fragrance of this oil will enhance sexual power in a man very much.


Use of paicholi oil enhances sexual power and desire. Fragrance of this oil normalizes the supply system of hormones. Besides it, this enhances the movement of endocrine glands too. This oil is used by many people to get rid of several kinds of diseases.  


          Fragrance of this oil is too much fragrant and intoxicating. Nothing can be compared with this oil in the matter of enhancing sexual power. Exhaustion and weakness disappear because of the fragrance. This oil provides too much relief to the body.   

Acupressure therapy:-

Nowadays, several specialists consider that giving pressure on the joints of acupressure enhances the hormones named endorphin. Consequently, sexual power of a man enhances very much. Joints, which give, pressure on sex ends all the kinds of obstacles.

There are joints, which give pressure on the sex 1.5 to 2 inches far from both sides and at the center of back four fingers up and down. Thereafter, allow someone to give pressure on these joints lightly with thumb. Pressure should be given only for 25 seconds. Hand should be advanced below to upwardly. Sexual power of a man keeps on enhancing gradually by giving pressure on these sex joints.

Sex massage:-

Regular massage of sex organs makes them strong. Genitals get a kind of power by regular massage. Sex organs should be massaged with oil at night and before bathing necessarily with soft hands. Take 8-10 drops of oil in hands and massage to the penis, testicles and the region between testicles and anus with soft hands. Olive oil, castor oil and mustard oil can be used to massage sex organs. Sexual power enhances very much by using such kinds of oil. A man should massage his sex organs with above mentioned oils properly to enhance his sexual power.