Treatment through blood


        Magnet chair treats many types of disease easily.We know that magnet influences all the liquids inside the body like blood and water. Such type of affect is also found in ionization, in which lots of compound atoms are broken into small pieces of positive and negative ions. In addition to them, the magnet influences deeply on the viscosity, electric conduction, temperature, density and surface of the blood. We all know that RBCs present in our blood have also 4% iron, on which the affects of magnet fall due to above said properties resulting blood circulation goes on taking place in the arteries and veins well found inside the body. Oxygen and other nutritive substances are also carried in various types of cells found inside the body through proper blood circulation and the body tissues do their works properly. 

        Few scientists had examined the few particular characteristics of the blood earlier and found that iron cells go on increasing and decreasing in different cases like- dejection and white cell ganandar. Due to affects of magnets, the dejection rate of iron cell is decreased comparatively. It shows that the disease is cured by the affects of magnet. During experiment, the scientists had found that the magnetic affects have feature to separate RBCs from plavic and other cells through a very simple method. In early time, they take help of a chemical method to separate RBCs. When they surprised to know that when the blood had passed above a tiny magnetic wire named stilwool filter, RBCs had thickened at the bottom, but liquid blood and few cells had passed forward without any disturbance. When the magnet of 17.5 kg gauss had used for this purpose, they found that the affects of magnetic field had fallen much on the blood resulting many changes had taken place inside the body and magnetic surface and the magnetic power of various cells can be also regulated through the magnetized blood resulting magnetic balance is maintained in the body.

        The magnet is also used for decreasing cholesterol level in the blood. Due to this magnetic affects, the cholesterol level is decreased from 222 mg to 141 mg with 22 days. Just like this, the magneto therapy is also followed to normalize blood pressure. If your use magnet for 10-15 minutes in case of blood pressure, your blood pressure starts decreasing. It is proved through all these experiments that all the body organs are affected by magnet especially the blood. When we charge water with the magnet, the water is become magnetized (few quality of magnet is entered in the water) and if this magnetized water is used for the treatment of any disease, the disease is cured soon. For illustration- when normal water is kept on the magnetic field for 12 hours, the water is become magnetized and this water acts as a tonic in fighting with diseases. When this water is taken in case of any disease, it absorbs blood found inside the body resulting the disease is cured soon.

        We know that the human body is fulfilled with lots of properties that keep appropriate adjustment for doing different types of body functions. For illustration- sodium and potassium are found inside the body. Sodium plays very important role in keeping the body fluid as balanced. In case of its deficiency or excessiveness in the body, the body balance is disturbed causes many diseases. This sodium ion is made up of hormone secreted by testes. This hormone is called eldrosteron. If sodium level is increased in the body, these glands secrete this hormone in little quantity resulting the increased level of sodium starts decreasing with speed. These glands produce hormones in appropriate quantity inside the body resulting store little amount of sodium is stopped too with taken sodium. Just like this, disease resistance power goes on working inside the body. These glands also increase disease resistance power inside the body and add power in it. These hormones engulf bacteria, viruses found inside the body and other outer bacteria resulting the body remains disease free. The affects of magnet fall on these cells much and disease resistance power of the body is increased by the influence of the magnet and the magnet also bust up the body vital power.

        We know that various types of glands are found inside our body like- thyroid, pituitary, pineal, etc. these glands produce many types of hormones in the body and due to only these glands, the memory, intellectual, desires and brain grow. The scientists have proved through many experiments that the magnet busts the functions of many glands and affects on the high mental properties of human beings. This affect can be proved by two ways.

        According to first one, magnetic affect is fallen directly on the hormones secreted by glands and in second one, appropriate nutrition and oxygen is provided in all these glands through magnetized blood, we all have known the direct affect of magnet also on adrenal glands. This type of affect is also fallen on the thyroid gland. If the affect of magnet falls on the parathyroid glands, the height of the body can be increased. In this way, if the affect of magnet is fallen on the thyroid glands, disease like goiter can be cured, because the hormones secreted by these glands have appropriate amount of iodine and thyroxin and the affect of magnet falls directly on it resulting this type of disease is cured. The affect of few less powered magnets has also found on the brain that increases the concentration of mind in many people and their memory power has busted as well as it has grown. The people, who meditate regularly in proper way, have found beneficial affects of magnet in their desired works. It proves that the magnet affects all glands effectively resulting all the body tissues also get beneficial affects of it and all the body cells do their works well as well as the co-operation between these cells and tissues remains maintained.     

        The use of magnet on various types of wounds has also proved very effective. We know that our body goes on healing its wounds by itself, because it goes on developing new cells instead of injured ones. The use of magnet busts up the process of developing new cells. As a result of it, the body heals wounds soon. Many types of diseases like- utkirn wound, sheetdansh, skin diseases, ghatte, etc. are cured soon through magneto therapy. Just like this, it has also been seen that fractured bones are also fixed together soon by the affect of magnet.

        It has found through various experiments done on animals that the bacteria stop multiplying under the affects of magnet. This experiment had proved very effective in preventing the growth of bacteria in many diseases as well as it had also proved that the bacteria responsible for many diseases are destroyed by the affect of magnets. It had also found by this experiment that is North Pole water is used in case of plague, it acts as disease resistance against diseases. In this way, poisonous wounds are cured soon under the affects of magnets.  

        Few scientists have also told on the basis of their experiments that it a powerful magnet is used in case of cancer; it can be also cured soon. An American scientist had also said that if North Pole water is used in case of cancer daily for 30 to 45 minutes, this disease can be cured soon. It had also found by their experiments that magneto therapy does not provide relief to the patient, but also cures his disease as well as ameliorates his pain and troubles. Magneto therapy can be followed also with other treatment systems.  

        Up to now, we have seen various affects of magnet on different types of glands and their secretions. Such types of affects of the magnet have also found on the central layer of skin. Due to only these affects, hair roots, sweat glands and fatty glands keep their existence resulting the skin remains smooth. It has also proved by few affects that the magnet leaves its affects on the skin resulting the malfunctioning of the skin is improved. By the proper functioning of skin only, all the pigments are formed resulting the skin becomes strong as well as it gets fair complexioned. In this way, magnetic affects improve the functioning of many glands and many secretions of the body get right direction to function.

        We know that our body muscles get tiredness by doing hard exercises and physical works, because lactic acid is produced in the tissues of our body due to tiredness. By the affects of magnets, these muscles do certain tasks and the stiffness of muscles are become loose due to affects of magnet resulting tiredness is eliminated and our body gets power (strength) again to do hard works and heavy exercise. This only the reason why if a healthy person use magnets regularly, he/she feels his/himself as powerful and strength in his/her body comparison to others.

        By the use of magnets, the pain, cramps and swelling of many body organs are cured. by the affects of magnet, blood circulation, tissues and nerves of the body start functioning well resulting the temperature of skin and tissues increases as same as a wave of high density provides heat to the tissues resulting the body tiredness is eliminated.

        There are three types of actions take place by using magnet on any body organ- improved circulation, warmth by fomenting and relaxation of muscles. The body cramps are eliminated by these experiments. For example- in Japan, to cure the patient suffering from cramps and pain, magnetic necklace, waist’s belt and arm’s belt are used resulting the disease is cured.

        The north pole of magnet is used in case of pain during tooth decay. The North Pole kills the bacteria responsible for pus resulting pain and swelling is cured. Along with it, the north pole of magnet helps in providing oxygen during blood circulation in appropriate amount to those tissues having enough blood or less oxygen. It helps in the growth of new cells and curing disease.