Treatment of the sexual weakness during old age



          In this age, there is no man in the world who has no problem or disease. A man does not remain silent and tries repeatedly until he gets solution of the problem whether the problem is big or small. The problem can be related to the body, family or society. A man keeps on suffering from mental fever. Here mental fever means mental problems.

Sometimes, sexual problems become the cause of big problems. Sometimes, sexual diseases sustain from puberty to old age. A man can get excessive sexual pleasure according to his strength by establishing sexual relation with a woman. He can perform his duty to advance his generation. If the man does not face any problem while do all these works, he can feel excessive happiness in spite of the presence of several problems. In this situation, he faces difficulty with courage.   

If sexual power of a man reduces, mental and physical problems take the man in its grasp and he becomes disturbed because of such problem.  Several problems appear as his sexual problems. Sexual problems are such kinds of problems of which treatment becomes too much essential for a man. If treatment is not started by the victim, he feels his life aimless, vain and without zest. He becomes the victim of inferiority complex too.

Sexual weakness is increasing day by day not only in old persons but also in youths. Many educated young men go to the doctor for treatment their sexual problems. Such kinds of young men start to shed their tears after getting fail on the first night before their wives. They think that their life is vain. They request to the doctors to save the life. They get start their treatment. If such kinds of men get rid of sexual disease, they thanks to the doctors many times. Here it means to say that a man does everything to get rid of his sexual disease.

This problem has been taking more and more people in its grasp and causes of this problem are in this way.

1. If a man does not take milk, ghee, vegetables, butter and whey and he faces problems by their use, such kinds of problems take birth.

2. If a man does not do physical work, sexual weakness can take birth.

3. Mentality and character of young generation have been decaying day by day due to pornographic pictures on the televisions and books. Mostly men become the victim of sexual diseases because they do not follow the rules of celibacy.

4. If a man takes gutkha, jarda, tea, tobacco and intoxicating substances in his childhood, he becomes the victim of many diseases relating to sex.

5. If a man remains far from his family, sexual problems can take birth.

6. Use of heavy meal, spicy food, sour food and packaged food can be the cause of this disease.

7. If a man goes to sleep in the late hours at night and wakes up late in the morning, he can become the victim of this disease.

8. Smoke of the vehicles (air pollution) and diabetes due to excessive use of sweets can be the cause of this disease.

Reasons mentioned below can be the causes of sexual weakness in old men or in those who are growing.

  • Excessive sexual intercourse during puberty can be the cause of this problem.
  • If a young man does not take such medicines, which enhance semen in a man, and he does not take the medicine to break constipation in young age, he becomes the victim of this problem in coming future. If the man does not take the medicines, which keep a man far from old age and enhances sexual power as well as body power, this problem can take birth. A man can become the victim of this disease if he does not take such medicine which hunger of a man.
  • The causes, which bring weakness in a man during puberty, are responsible for sexual weakness in old age

We should think about the remedy whether the cause of this problem is this or that. Some important tips are given below.

  • If a man has become the victim of any sexual problem due to excessive fall of semen, he should take following mentioned things to get rid of this problem. Such things are as tinospora, caltrop, cow hage, winter cherry, ipomoea digitata, asparagus, black muscle, white muscle,country mallow, dry ginger, long pepper, medicines of asthvarg, liquorice, small cardamom, black pepper, nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, Indian cinnamon and mace. Grind all these things into fine powder and take 10 grams this powder with cow milk by mixing cow ghee before meal. Do not take sour things and pickles while taking this medicine.   
  • Eat sweet mango to achieve excessive strength. Drink as much milk as much you can. Take ripe banana. Take fruits and dry fruits according to taste and strength. Take fruits according to season, almond, pistachio, walnut, edible pine, raisin, cuddapa almond and cashew nut. Use of these foodstuffs proves very beneficial.
  • To prolong age and remain far from old age, a man should take anti aging medicines, extract of indian berbering, garlic, purple fleebane, long pepper, myrobalan chebulies, tinospora, indian bdellium, indian gooseberry, indian penny wort, ipomoea digitata, spike nard and covolvulus pluricaulis. Use of these things proves very beneficial.  
  • In this kind of disease, the patient should take spinach, Indian spinach, towel gourd, jackfruit, gourd and fibrous vegetables and green vegetable. All these things are beneficial in this disease.
  • Ghee, butter, milk and whey of cow can be taken according digestion power and strength. These things are beneficial to end the weakness produced due to excessive sex.


  • Take gram, green kidney bean, sprouted wheat, lentil, etc. in meal according to digestion power regularly. Sexual weakness disappears by the use of these things.
  • Always take fresh and easily digestive food.
  • Use of cokes, cold drinks, cola, are very harmful in this disease.
  • Prepare sauce by taking lemon, black pepper, black salt, ginger, mint, raisin, toasted cumin seeds. Take this sauce before having meal.
  • Whey should be taken after the meal.
  • Mint, black pepper, toasted cumin seed, black salt and asafoetida toasted in ghee should be mixed in whey. Drinking this way is very useful. 
  • Use of such things sustains hunger of a man. Blood, bone of the body, flesh and semen keep on getting strength by its use.

Some easy formulae to end the sexual weakness:-

Triphala powder:-

This powder enhances strength. Take 10 grams this powder at night before sleeping. A man remains far from old age to some extant and gets rid of many disease in old age.  All the men who take this medicine get free from sexual power.


After one hour of taking meal in the evening, a man should mix one-gram powder of basil seeds, 5 corns of black pepper, 3 raisins and 5 date palms without stone in cow milk. Boil this milk properly and take by mixing one spoon ghee in it. Sexual weakness of a man disappears and a kind of strength takes birth in the body.


Take 6 grams powder of liquorice with milk. A man remains far from sexual weakness by its use. If a man has become sexually weak, he can regain his lost sexual power by its use.


Take 5-10 grams powder of asparagus mixing with milk to enhance sexual power. If one mixes three spoons honey, two spoons cow ghee and two spoons sugar candy in it, the user fees excessive strength and semen enhances very much in the body. No man in the whole world will remain weak after the use of this medicine.

White muscle:-

Mix 10 grams powder of white muscle and 3-4 spoons ground sugar candy in 250 grams milk of cow. Cook this milk until the milk thickens like pudding. Keep this on a clean plate. Keep this pudding throughout night. It freezes in the morning. Take this preparation at least forty days regularly. Sour and hot things should not be taken while taking this medicine. This medicine will provide relief to the patient soon.  


Dry 250 grams root of ladyfinger in shadow and grind it properly. Fill it into a bottle of glass. Immerse 10 grams this powder in 250 ml water at night. Filter this water in the morning and mix sugar candy in it. Give this water to the affected man. Its regular use for 25 days gets free a man from spermathorrhoea and nightfall. Semen enhances and becomes strong by its use.

Nagauri asgandh:-

Take 5-10 grams powder of nagauri asgandh mixing with sugar candy. Drink cow milk after this medicine. Sexual weakness disappears by taking this powder. Its use enhances strength of a man. Height of a short man also enhances by its use. Pain of the hands and feet, thighs and joints vanish by taking this medicine. Its use ends the weakness of the uterus and semen as well as the diseases that take birth due to headache.

Pyllitory root:-

Take 3 grams pyllitory root, 5 grams root of gobe thistle (unkateri), two grams asgandh naguri. Grind these things properly and mix seeds of carrot, almond, pudding of water caltrop. Take this preparation for some weeks. Semen enhances and becomes strong by its use. Its use produces sperms in the semen if there is a lack of them. A man becomes able to produce a child after its use.

Transformation of the body through kalp treatment:-

This kind of treatment is a boon or result of Ayurveda too. Old men become young by the use of this treatment and their sexual weakness disappears. There are following kalp in this treatment. 1. aamlaki kalp 2. takra kalp 3. aamra kalp 4. rasaun kalp and 5. dugadh kalp. Treatment of these kalp should be taken in the observance of experienced doctors. If it is not so, result may quite different.

Some other uses of transformation of the body:-

Hogweed with white flower:-

Take 20 grams root of hogweed of white flower and grind it with milk. An old man feels puberty by taking this preparation for one year regularly. Sexual weakness of the man also disappears after its use. 

Indian gooseberry:-

Grind black sesame, Indian gooseberry, dry bhringraj and sugar candy into fine powder. Take 6 grams this powder and drink milk after its use. This powder should be taken for one year regularly along with the rules of celibacy.

Myrobalan chebulie:-

All the stomach disturbances disappear by sucking two-three moyrobalan chebulie after taking meal. A man evacuates easily by sucking myrobalan chebulie and stomach gas disappears. The use feels proper hunger. Its use purifies blood of the body. Use of myrobalan chebulie proves very beneficial for eyes. Eyesight of a man enhances by its use and he throws away the specs. Myroblan chebulie melts within one hour if it is kept in mouth.

Someone says appropriately about it that myrobalan chebulie is the mother of those people who have no mother at home. Mother of a man can be angry but myrobalan never becomes angry after entering into the stomach. Its use ends all the diseases of the stomach. Something more also has been said about it.

All the men who are trying to achieve health and penance should worship GOD of Harad and Gayatri maa.

Thin semen and spermatorrhoea:-

Take 10 grams Tragacanth (katira gond) and grind it properly. Immerse this in one-liter water at night. tragacanth will be puffed in the morning. Mix ground sugar candy in it and eat with spoon. This medicine can be taken in every season. Excessive inflammation of the urine, disturbances in menses of women, spermatorrhoea, thinness of the semen, excessive thirst and inflammation of the head disappear by its use. Sexual weakness disappears by its use too. The man makes sexual relation enthusiastically if he takes above-mentioned medicine.

According to ayurveda:-

A man is called young until he crosses 60 years and he is able to beget children in the age of 80. In this way, a man never feels old age.Vridhavastha ke dauran sex kshamata men aai kamjori samadhan