Treatment of the physical faults



          Good and attractive look can be given to the flat nose by the help of plastic surgery. A minor operation is done in it. You will have to put on metal prop on the nose for ten days after surgery. This operation is done completely into the holes of the nose. This is the reason that there is no doubt of the marks on the external side of the nose after surgery.   


         If teeth of a person are coming out or they are broken or dirty, they can be given a fine look or they can be removed. A wire is tied on the teeth which are coming out. Crowning remains in hidden position and it is the biggest benefit of it.   


          Zigzag ear of a child can be given good look by the help of plastic surgery till the age of 6 or 7 years. Ear of adult person can be cured after an operation too.  


       Strabismus is found in a person’s eyes when the method of working of the eyes’ muscles is completely imbalanced. There is fault in the control of brain in which these muscles work. A child can take birth with squint eyesight or the child can become the victim of this problem without showing any symptoms suddenly. Sometimes, this disease takes a person in its grip after chronic diseases as typhoid, chicken pox, brain fever or before fits, unconsciousness and contortion.   

Cleft palatine:

          It is situated in the palate by birth. This fault can be cured by the help of plastic surgery before the child start to walk or after 18 months of birth. An operation is needed to get rid of this fault. Good guidance of conversation should be given to the child by the speech therapist if you want to avoid your child from handicap. A child can be supported at home too much. You can talk to the child slowly and clearly and encourage to the child to speak slowly and clearly. Say to the child to throw the tennis ball on the table from the back and front side. A pressure will take birth against the palate by doing so. Allow to the child to play with bubble pipe.      

Cracked lip:

          Upper side lip is divided by a line and many times upper side lip is spread till the nose. It can be cured by operation till the 2-3 months of birth. Only a minor marks remains on the affected portion after operation.

Defected claws:

          The feet of the child are zigzag by birth in this disease. A child can get rid of this problem if treatment is done soon. Only strapping is needed if the condition is not serious but in serious cases orthopedic operation is needed. If the child is not treated in the early stage of this disease, the child can be handicap for whole life. 

Flat foot:

          If the sole of a child’s foot is flat, it is called the foot of the child is flat. Flat foot is a normal stage in the period of two years after birth but as the child starts to walk, muscles of the feet become strong and the foot starts to get completeness in the period of three year. This fault can be cured by adopting an exercise. Make the child sit on a stool or chair and spread some pieces of marble and pencils before the child. After that, say to the child to hold these pieces with the help of toes and keep on the other place of flour. This exercise should be done for 10 minutes regularly. 

Thighs like bow:

          In this disease, thighs of a child are towards outside if the child is in standing position. It is common in children till one year and thighs become straight as the child grows. Worse conditions of feet are treated by an operation. Crookedness of the bones is the main cause of the origin of this disease. Hence, at least 8 tablets of calcium are given to the child who is the victim of this disease.


          A paralysis affected child, victim of polio, is treated by physical treatment. In it, a child is learnt how he can use other muscle in place of defected muscles. In many cases, operations of disease affected organs are proved helpful. Orthopedic means as brass, support and different kind of shoes are proved helpful too.


        Mostly, moles are found on the face, neck, back etc. they are black, brown, blue and white in color. Most of moles are small but sometimes they are big and hairy too which are in bulged form. Moles can be removed by an operation but small moles should not be touched. If they are growing big or there is swelling or blood is flowing from them, consult to a doctor soon. 

Marks by birth under the skin:

          Gathering of small blood pipes under the skin is the cause of such kinds of marks. Such kinds of marks are red like strawberry. They are found on the skin of head, face, neck and shoulders. Mostly, they are small in the beginning but keep on growing as the child grows. After some time, their size starts to reduce and disappear to some extant. Such kinds of marks which end the beauty of face can be removed by radium therapy. They are dark red or jambul colored too. Dark moles take birth because of the meeting of abnormal redness and gathering of red blood pipes. There is no beneficial treatment till now to get rid of such kinds of marks or spots.

White marks:

         This disease is heridatory disease and 40 percent patient of this disease come from the disease affected families. This disease is not a contagious disease and a person can become the patient of this disease in any level of age. Such kinds of marks appear on one portion of the body or many portions of the body. White marks appear on the body suddenly or slowly. Injury, burning, photographic solution, attachment with some definite chemicals, diabetes or anemia can be the cause of this disease.

         There is white and black colored hair near about the white marks. Meal is not related by any way for the occurrence of this disease. So there is no need to adopt restriction while taking meal. Treatment depends on the age, period of disease, history of the family and place of spots. If the patient is young and treatment is done in this age properly, she will get rid of this disease soon. There is no treatment of this disease in allopath.