Treatment By Earth



Earth is the one among five elements- sky, air, water, earth and fire. This element is effective in illness and heath. In natural treatment, earth can be used as good remedy carefully because its black color absorbs all the colors of sun and supply into the body. Second characteristic of it is that earth remains wet for long time. Thus, mudpack provides coolness to the bodily organs. Third thing is that its form and thickness can be changed easily by mixing water. Besides it, earth is cheap and available everywhere.

For treatment, black clean and smooth earth should be taken. Earth should be dried, ground and filtered before using. Straw of grass, small grit, stones and other such kinds of things should be separated from the earth which is taken for treatment. 

Mudpack for the application on the body:


Take earth in a thin, wet and soft cloth. Give it the shape of a thin brick by remembering the size of the stomach of the patient. Then it can be used. This mudpack can be used for 20-30 minutes in a time. The body of the patient should be covered with the help of blanket if treatment is being done during winter season.


A person gets rid of all kinds of digestion problem by applying its mudpacks on the stomach. Mudpack is very beneficial to end the heat of intestines and to increase the excitement of peristalsis. Headache vanishes if thick mudpack is applied on the head. Mudpack keeps on providing coolness to the patient for long time and this is the biggest quality of mudpack. Mudpacks are suggested if one needs cold treatment for long time.

Mudpack for face:

Make the earth wet and apply on the face for half hour. Wait until mudpack dries. Its use fairs the complexion, removes acnes and opens the closed pores of the face and doing so proves very beneficial for skin. Dark circles under the eyes disappear by the use of mudpack. Face should be washed with cold water properly after half hour.  

Mudpack for eyes:

Keep wet earth on a wet cloth piece of which size is 9 x 6. Thereafter, keep this mudpack on the eyes and fold the cloth from every side. This mudpack can be kept on the eyes for at least 20-30 minutes. 


Inflammation of the eyes vanishes by its use. Mudpack on the eyes proves beneficial in such kinds of eyes diseases as conjunctivitis, redness of the eyeballs and itching in the eyes. Treatment by mudpacks proves very beneficial in such kinds of diseases far sightedness, near sightedness and glaucoma. Contraction of the eyeballs reduces by its application. Its use provides relief to the eyes.      

Mud bath:

Bring a person in a dense room for the treatment where he can foment his body in sunlight. Mudpack is applied all over the body by making the patient sit or lie. Blood circulation becomes high by doing so and tissues of skin get energy. Thus, skin becomes healthy by mudpack. But one thing should be remembered that the patient may not feel the sensation of chillness. Body of the patient should be cleaned properly by pouring water speedily. If the patient is feeling chillness, hot water should be used for bath. Thereafter, whole body of the patient should be mopped properly.   


        Blood circulation becomes high by mud bath. Thus, blood supplies into the upper side of the body. Hence, mud bath is very beneficial to cleanse the tissues of skin and make them healthy.

Spots of chicken pox on the body and several other skin diseases disappear by taking mud bath. Thus, the complexion of the patient becomes fair. The patient is suggested to take mud bath in several skin diseases as psoriasis, leucoderma, leprosy and several skin diseases caused by allergy.