Treatment by drinking hot water


Different types of common diseases of our body are cured by drinking only hot water, which are as follow:-

  • If we drink hot water before half an hour and one hour of eating, feels additional hunger and digestion power is also become fast. Because the stomach becomes clean, fresh and strong for taking food by the affects of hot water.
  • By drinking hot water, the glands of our body become active to secrete. So, in the case of cold and catarrh, drinking only a glass of water before going to bed at night and after getting up in the morning regularly for 2-3 days removes out accumulated phlegm and cures cold and catarrh.
  • By drinking hot water, spasm and pain of the stomach are eliminated.
  • Gas and the other disorders of the stomach are also ended by drinking hot water.
  • In the case of headache, drinking hot water along with washing the hands and legs ends any type of headache.
  • By drinking hot water, the liquidity of our blood is increased; blood circulation becomes fast and blood vessels wash the nerves and make them neat and clean.  
  • It also helps in easy excretion that helps in the formation of pure blood which is responsible for ending diseases.      
  • By drinking hot water, the bladder is made healthy (strong) after curing diseases related to it.
  • The body weight increases by drinking hot water regularly for some days.
  • The body becomes attractive and flexible by drinking hot water.
  • For keeping the body as healthy, the quantity of water needed for the body is fulfilled by drinking hot water.   

          Organs like- stomach, liver, kidneys, bowels, etc. are become clean and healthy by drinking hot water and their function keeps on properly.