Traits of earth



         Earth absorbs total stool, rubbish things and every kinds of filth in her womb but it remains pure in itself. Everything which is buried in the earth changes into earth.  

Medicinal traits of earth:

  • Earth has great power to absorb poisonous elements from the body.
  • Earth expels out old stool present inside the body after dissolving.
  • Earth absorbs all the poisonous elements from the body. 
  • It proves very beneficial in several skin diseases as boils-pimples along with pain and swelling
  • Its use reduces inflammation, secretion and contraction.
  • Extra heat of the body is absorbed by the earth.
  • Earth provides desired coolness to the body.
  • Earth ends pain and foul smell.
  • Earth gives magnetic power to the body. A person becomes active its use.   

Earth that is used in treatment:

         Earth should be taken from clean place whether the kind of earth is this or that. Sunlight should reach there from where earth is being taken. Earth should be taken by digging 2 and 2.5 feet deep. Every kind of soil should be dried in sun before grinding. Use of such kind of earth proves very beneficial.  

         Earth taken from the heap of termite is very effective and full of medicinal traits. Muscovite proves very beneficial if it is used to cleanse the head and to take bath.

Different use of earth:

Sleeping on the earth:

         A person gets rid of such kinds of diseases as insomnia, weakness of the nervous system and impurity of blood by sleeping on the earth.

Massage of earth:

         Poisonous elements are expelled out from the body after the massage of body with earth.

Mud bath:

         A person gets rid of every kind of diseases if earth is used in place of soap.  

Walking on the earth with bare feet:

         The patient of kidney disease gets lots of relief by walking on earth with bare feet. Eyesight of the patient becomes high and body gets magnetic power.


         Mudpack has a very important place in natural treatment. It is used in several diseases. Its use proves very beneficial in every kind of stomach disturbances. Mudpack can be used on the abdomen, stomach, chest, forehead, eyes, head, backbone, throat, feet, anus etc in need.  

Method to prepare mudpack:

         Grind earth and filter properly. Immerse it in water before 12 hours of use. At the time of use, stretch a thin cotton cloth according to need and keep half inch thick layer on the cloth. Keep this mudpack from the opposite side on the affected portion and cover with the help of any hot cloth. Maximum time of keeping this mudpack on the affected portion is 20-30 minutes otherwise poisonous elements absorbed by the patient enter into the body again. Earth should be used only once and earth should not be used again for the treatment.   

Natural treatment:

         Natural treatment is that in which rules of nature are followed. Natural elements as earth, water, sun, air should be used in this way so that all poisonous elements and rubbish material may expel out from the body. Doing so is essential to keep the body pure and to sustain the consciousness of the body and strength. It should be done to get rid of all kinds of diseases and proper function of body organs.   


         There are several kinds of germs in the earth. Hence, it is seldom said to keep the mudpack on the stomach and other organs of body. Sauce gained while preparing green juice or dregs can be used for treatment. Such kind of dregs can be kept on the eyes, stomach and skin diseases. Sprinkle green water or sauce on the dregs. Taking sun on the dregs on which green colored water has been sprinkled proves very beneficial. use of dregs proves very beneficial in white marks, leucoderma, leprosy and several other diseases.