Torula cerevisiae



Introduction: -

Only some symptoms are found after examination of Torula Cerevisiae drug. The use of this drug is removable for such type of symptoms as spermatorrhoea and hypersensitivity caused by heterogeneous liquids and digestive juices.  

Use of Torula Cerevisiae drug based on symptoms in various body parts: -

Head-related symptoms: -

The use of Torula Cerevisiae drug is curable in such type of symptoms as pain behind the head and neck, intense headache along with body pain, feeling pain and aggravation due to constipation, irritability and nervous pain.

Nasal-related symptoms:-

Patient should use Torula Cerevisiae drug in over sneezing and sough sound in the nose. This drug should be used in the case of catarrh of nose heelrope.

Gastric-related symptoms: -

Torula Cerevisiae drug should be used to cure the symptoms related to stomach as spoiled mouth taste due to stomach deficiency, nausea, weak digestion power, much belching due to stomach gas trouble, pain in the whole stomach, sensation of filling, stomach rumbling, feeling such pain that changes its place; stomach flatulence, constipation, bitter odour from the motion and feeling smell like yeast and Ubsan.

Symptoms related to external body organs: -

Taking Torula Cerevisiae drug is used in curing these symptoms as back pain along with tired elbow and feeling weakness, feeling fatigue and weakness around the knees and icy hands, feet along with numbness, etc.

Symptoms related to sleep: -

Taking Torula Cerevisiae drug is beneficial in curing such type of symptoms as improper asleep and feeling uncomfortable due to sleepiness caused by horrify dream or other disease,

Symptoms related to skin: -

The use of Torula Cerevisiae drug is curable in the symptoms related to skin as appearance of such ulcers on the skin that aggravates again and again; pruriginous abscess around the ankles and presence of catechu-colored spots on the skin.  

Dose: -

Torula Cerevisiae drug is used in 3 potency. Tying bandage of yeast is very useful in the skin diseases of abscess and swelling. The cake of pure yeast can be used in the disease.