Torturing to the wife after marriage



Often, such kinds of incidents can be heard in our locality that a wife has been beaten very much by her husband. Sometimes, we observe such incidents before our eyes that a husband is beating his wife on the way. Mostly men of bed mentality do so. Many people beat their wives after drinking wine. Such persons consider their wives as their personal property. They think that they are free to do everything with their wives. Such people were brought up in such kind of atmosphere. Parents of such people did the same before as they are doing now. They think that nothing is wrong if they are beating their wives because it is their right.

In many families, mothers excite their sons against their daughters in laws because there is no harmony between the relations of brides and mothers in laws. A son becomes ready to beat his wife after exciting by his mother. He starts to beat his wife though there is no fault of his wife but he follows the orders given by his mother. It is unjust with the bride.

Many women do not complain at all after torturing by her husband. If someone wants to know about the wounds made by the husbands, they pretend to be got hurt. They pretend different kinds but do not open the truth. A man who beats his wife can get punishment easily according to law but this thing will break the relationship between husband and wife completely. Thereafter, where will a woman go? It is a big question. A woman can fill her stomach by earning money but passing whole life independently is not easy.

A few women pass their life successfully and happily after second marriage. It is very strange that education has made people open minded and broadminded but they are hollow from inside. Torturing of a wife by the husband is a common thing in the present time.

Besides it, frustration has been prevailing over the mind of several people because of tense life, excessive ambitions, and hunger of money and lack of moral values. A husband imposes his anger over the head of his wife because she is such kind of creature who bears everything without objection.

A husband who beats his wife cannot be persuaded in a same way to save a wife from husband’s torture. First, mentality of a husband has to understand and thereafter way of get rid of such person is searched. Many persons only threaten their wives but they do not beat them. They also fear if their wives scold them. Many women tell about the tortures done by the husband to the eldest persons of the family. In this way, a man does not beat his wife.

If a husband is too cruel to get rid of such kinds of nature, the wife should consult to a psychologist with her husband. A wife can remain far from her husband for some time if there is no reform in her husband. A wife should remain far from her husband only to know the importance of her to husband in the family. If there is no improvement in the husband, a woman should give up her because bearing harassment regularly gives support to harassment.   



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