Name in different languages:

English       :        Toothbrush

Hindi          :        Piloo Chhota, Piloo, Jhal, Lal

Sanskrit      :        Piloo, Gurahal

Marathi       :        Pilu, Khakhin, Sari, Mirjoli

Gujarati      :        Kharijal, Barakharo, Vagadi

Bengali       :       Chhota pilu

Latin           :       Salvadora Persica


Chhota Piloo nature is hot and its taste is bitter, pungent and sweet. It is stimulant and causes bile, blood-bile, sweat and burning sensation. It removes phlegm, poisonous effect and fever. It provides power to body.  It cures many different diseases as- rheumatism, constipation, the piles and stomach problems.