Toddalia Aculeata



Name in different languages:

Hindi           :     Jangli kalimirach, kanj

Sanskrit       :     Kanj, Kanchan fal

Marathi        :     Limri, Mengar, Ranmirbel

Bengali        :     Kanchan, Dahan, Karatodali

Latin           :      Toddalia Aculeata, Toddalia Asiatica, Toddalia Rubicaulis, Toddalia Nitida, Scopolia Aculeata


        Toddalia aculeata is hot in nature pungent, spicy, tasty, stimulating and fragrant. It cures fever and ends gas disorders.

Use of Toddalia aculeata:

      Decoction of leaves and bark of toddalia aculeata’s root is stimulating and nutritive, which causes of sweat. It cures fever and surfeited, and ends gastric problems. Toddalia aculeata is useful to cure malaria. By taking over quantity of toddalia aculeata any side-affects does not occur. Taking over quantity of toddalia, aculeata brings sweat out in excessive quantity consequently; the patient does not feel fatigue and excitement increases in the body.