Tittibha Asana



       The shape of the body becomes like Tittibha. This is a kind of bird which keeps its legs upward, so this asana has been called Tittibha Asana. The whole body gets strength by this asana.


        The Practice of this asana should be done on a calm and clean place. Sit on the floor in normal position for the practice of this asana. Now extend your legs forward and keep the knees straight and palms on the floor. After that, give total weight of whole body on the palms and raise your body up slowly until hands become straight. Keep both the legs straight and stretched upward. Stay in this position according to your capacity and return in normal position slowly.


         This asana is useful to make the bones and muscles of whole body strong and powerful. All types of common disorders are cured by the practice of this asana. It is useful in increasing physical, mental and spiritual strength and memory power too.