Titali Asana



        The body shape becomes like the shape of Titali (butterfly), so it is called Titali Asana. Sitting for a long time to concentrate in yoga for long time is necessary. Therefore, the muscles of legs should be strong for sitting for a long time in any muscles. Practice of butterfly muscles should be done for making the legs muscles strong.


        Spread a mat or bed sheet on the floor and sit upon it for the practice of this asana. Now bend both the legs from the knees and keep towards the body. After that, join the heels and tiptoes together and join the soles parallel to together. Bring your heels close to the body according to the capacity. Now interlock fingers of both the hands together and grasp the tiptoes and press the knees with the help of the elbows slowly. After that, leave the tiptoes and press both knees with the help of both hands and leave again. After coming the knees up press it downwards. Thus, do this activity 20-25 times.


          The person should concentrate on the knees and thighs during the practice of this asana.  


          The practice of this asana makes the legs’ muscles strong and this asana is also useful for meditation for a long time. It makes the blood circulation of the legs normal. It is beneficial in the treatment of rheumatism and joints pain.