Tinospora Juice



Color: Tinospora juice is white.

Taste: Its juice is pungent and vapid.

Structure: Dissolve small pieces of tinospora in water and store it for 2-3 days. Crush these pieces with water and filter it. Its juice is ready by using this process. 

Nature: Nature of tinospora juice is cool and dry in nature.

Dose: Tinospora juice can be used in 2 grams quantity.


Tinospora juice is bitter and pungent in taste, heavy, light and tasty chemical. It is very useful for the eyes. It normalizes the tridosa (vatta, pitta and kapha). It is useful for the treatment of jaundice, fast, fever, vomiting, chronic fever, bile disorders, leucorrhoea, anorexia, breathing problems, cough, hiccup, piles, inflammation, anuria-dysuria, leucorrhea caused by bile. It also increases digestive power and cures tuberculosis.

          The patient who suffers from gonorrhoea should take tinospora, because it cures gonorrhoea.