Tinospora cordifolia




Tinospora Cordifolia is very useful for ending sperm debility. It cures fever especially relapsing fever. It also eliminates jaundice, splenic infections, leprosy, rheumatism (joints pain), skin diseases, etc. This drug in used to remove diseases like- secondary syphilis, leucorrhea, urinary diseases, difficulty in urination, gonorrhea, etc.   

Use of Tinospora Cordifolia in different symptoms:-

Symptoms related to fever:-

In different cases like- chronic or acute malaria fever, feeling cold and shivering after noon, vomiting of bile, headache with over thirst, chronic gonorrhea with chronic fever, body weakness after ejaculation, burning sensation on the hands and face, jaundice, etc., giving Tinospora Cordifolia ends all symptoms occurring with fever. 

Urinary symptoms:-

In such symptoms related to the bladder, in which the patient suffers from frequent urination, but scanty urine; feels burning sensation in the urinary tube while urination; coming pus with urine due to gonorrhea, etc., Tinospora Cordifolia should be taken.


Tinospora Cordifolia 1x, 3x or 6 or its mother tincture should be used.