Tilia europa


Introduction: -

Tilia Europa is a beneficial drug to remove the weakness of eye-muscles. This drug is used to prevent discharging of diluet and vapid colored blood from the body. This drug is considered very important to cure uterine swelling after the delivery and diseases of asthiganharo.

Use of Tilia Europa drug based on symptoms in various body parts: -

Head-related symptoms: -

Tilia Europa drug should be used to cure the symptoms related to head as such pain in the head nervous that starts from right sided head afterwards increases to left side; sense of curtain before the eyes, sensation of an illusion at all times and complaint of poor eyesight.

Nasal-related symptoms: -

Tilia Europa is very beneficial in over sneezing and blowing of water from the nose. This drug should be used in nosebleed.

Eye-related symptoms: -

Tilia Europa should be used in the symptoms related to eyes as sensation of something is visible before the eyes and attachment of both the eyes.   

Symptoms related to female: -

Tilia Europa drug should be used in the pain of uterus region or feeling of labor pain; hot perspiration from the body, discharging of sticky leucorrhoea in excessive amount from walking, redden vagina due to presence of wound on vaginal vent, sensation of burning in the anus and troubles of gas

Symptoms related to skin: -

Patient should use Tilia Europa drug in the case of ringworms on the skin and rapid itching on the skin. If patient scratches that itch he gets burning. One should use this drug in such symptoms as crops of small and redden pimples on the skin, hot perspiration in much amount from body when sleep and excessive perspiration along with arthritis pain. 

Aggravation: -

The symptoms aggravate at noon and evening, in the hot room and from bed warmth.

Amelioration: -

The patient gets relief in chill room and from moving.

Comparison: -

Tilia Europa drug can be compared with Lilium and Belladonna drugs.

Dose: - 

The mother tincture or 6th potency of Tilia Europa drug should be used.