Introduction: -

Radically, Thymol drug acts on the symptoms related to genitals afterwards ends them. This drug is used in emission, pain due to penis excitement and blowing from the prostate gland. This drug affects much to the genitals organs, by which sometimes the phallic troubles occur. This is very useful remedy for destroys falcate worms.     

Use of Thymol drug based on symptoms in various body parts: -

Symptoms related to Mind: -

Some persons are victim of such type of symptoms due to mental disturbances as excessive irritable, inability to bear any type of pressure or order, liking to do work accordingly own wish, wants to alive on his wish, unbelievable to someone, whimsical and lack of power of thinking and understanding. The use of Thymol drug is curable for such type of symptoms.    

Symptoms related to back: -

Thymol drug should be used in feeling of tiredness in the back and pain over the back. The patient suffered from such type of symptoms also gets trouble from physiologic or mental work.

Symptoms related to sleep: -

Thymol drug should be taken by patient who has such type of symptoms as feeling of tiredness after waking up in morning and improper sleep due to sex-excitable dreams at night, etc.

Symptoms related to male: -

Thymol drug should be used in ending such symptoms as excessive emission at night along with penis excitement due to sex-excitable dreams. The use of this drug is useful in curing sensation of burning in the ureter, strangury (dysuria), frequent urination, increased uretus and scanty in phosphate in the urine.    

Aggravation: -

The symptoms aggravate from mentally and physiologic deed.

Dose: -

Thymol drug is used in 6th potency.