Three Leaved Caper



Colour: The leaves of holy garlic pear are green.    

Taste: It is pungent.

Structure: Its trees are huge. There are three leaves on a wick. They seem as the leaves of beel. Its fruits are round like the fruit of beel. Its fruits appear as betel nut. Its flowers are like gold mohor.

Nature: It is hot.

Precaution: It increases the warmth of bile.


Holy garlic pear is hot and spicy. It increases bile and eliminates vatta and kapha. It gets rid of boils, pimples, urinary problems and vatta disorders. It purifies the blood and removes the stone. It prevents sperm with urine. The flower of holy garlic pear stops the motions. Its fruits are heavy, purgative, sweet and tasty. Its fruit ends the greasiness of stool.

Useful in different diseases:

1. Surfeited: Take 40 to 80 ml decoction of holy garlic pear’s leaves twice a day. Its use provides relief in stomachache and eliminates gas from the stomach.

2. Vomiting: The use of 40 to 80 ml infusion of holy garlic pear’s leaves twice a day stops vomiting.

3. Liver enlargement: The regular intake holy garlic pear leaves’ sabji is very good remedy for the treatment of enlarged liver.

4. For increasing the fatness: Eating saag (green cooked vegetable) of holy garlic pear’s leaves daily increases fatness.

5. Arthritis: Make the powder by grinding the bark of holy garlic pear, Indian dill fruit, orris root, dry ginger, land caltrops, hogweed, cedar, camphor and east Indian globe thistle (gorkhmundi) 5 grams each together. Mix 200 grams jiggery (gur) in this powder and make tablets equal to Indian plum of this mixture. Taking 1 tablet twice a day provides relief in arthritis.