Thiosinaminum & rhodallin



Introduction: -

Thiosinaminum & Rhodallin drug is prepared from special chemicals extracted from sesame oil according to Homeopathic rule. This drug is used to cure different types of diseases. This drug is used in both forms as applying (plastering) and intake. This is a useful drug for wound or marks of ulcer, abscess and enlarged glands. This drug is used to cure such type of symptoms as ectropica (reverted palpebras outwards) or transparent cornea body, cataract, straining in joints, the abscess with tapeworms and straining in the skin. This drug is useful drug in tinnitus aureum, jerking pain in the T.B. of vertebra pulp. This drug is used to cure last stage of symptoms related to gastric, bladder and rectum. This drug should be used in 120 grams quantity.          

Use of Thiosinaminum & Rhodallin drug based on symptoms in various body parts: -

Symptoms related to Ear: -

Thiosinaminum & Rhodallin drug should be taken by the patients who have such type of symptoms as vertigo with strain in the artery, tinnitus aureum, ear thickness like wound or ulcer along with catarrh deafness, thick crusts of the ear and deafness due to any Sotrik changing in the nerves. 

Dose: -

Patient should take 10% liquid in 15 to 30 drops mixed with glisarine and water twice a weak. One should use 65 or 120 grams quantity trice a day in the case of hard prefixes of artery hardness. In the case of dizziness and sensation of burning in joints, one should use 2x quantity of drug.