Things necessary for primary treatment (first aids)



        Mostly, primary treatment is needed when a person is injured in any accident and it is delay for him/her to get medical treatment or reaching to hospital. In such condition, primary treatment is given to the injured person before getting medical treatment. So, the person who gives primary treatment should have few necessary things like-

  • Cotton- the most important thing which is required at the time primary treatment is cotton. It is used in cleaning blood or other impurities from injured body parts. 
  • Pin- the person who gives primary treatment should have few pins. It is used to tie bandage on injured body parts.   
  • Adhesive tape- he/she should also have adhesive tape. It is used to stick cotton on injured or hurt body part.
  • Gauge- it is also needed to tie wounds.
  • Scissors- He/she should also have a scissors. It is used to cut the bandage. 
  • Spoon and glass- Spoon and glass are also needed to give medicine and milk to the patient.  
  • Big stripes (bandage) - it is used to tie on the wounds or strain.
  • Table- it is used for sitting the patient.
  • Splinter- it is used to give support to the fractured bones at the time of tying. 
  • Tongs- it is used to remove out lead or any pointed thing inserted in the body.
  • Bottle of hot water- It is used to give hot fomentation on the affected body parts.
  • Ice-cap- it is used to keep on the forehead in case of severe fever.
  • Medical needle and thread- it is used to stitch wounds. 

Along with the things said above, the person who gives primary treatment should also have few particular medicines while giving primary treatment like- pain killers, medicines for providing relief in case of heart attack, few antibiotics for keeping on the bandage, antibiotics lotions for cleaning wounds, amritdhara, pain bam, Vaseline, potassium per magnet, bernaul, powder of boric acid, powder of Civajoul, detol, tincture iodine, crushed salt, castor oil, turpentine oil, spirit, ammonia, lime, sal-ammoniac, alum, mustard oil, etc.      

In addition of them, the person giving primary treatment should also have few qualities in him/her- it is very necessary to have few qualities inside the person giving primary treatment so that he/she could provide relief to the injured person soon. Whenever a person is gotten injury, many people come to help him/her, but no one among them has proper knowledge about primary treatment. It is necessary to have following qualities in the person giving primary treatment like-    

  • The person giving primary treatment should have full confidence on his/her work. Any type of nervousness or tension should not have on his/her face, can control the injured person and can take right decision immediately.  
  • It is necessary to treating the patient with full of sympathy, because sympathy is also very important for the patient. 
  • The person giving primary treatment should have patience and be hopeful, because if the primary treatment is full of hopelessness and impatience, the possibility of becoming the patient healthy again will be ended.   
  • He/she should have proper knowledge of local language so that he/she could inform the family members of the injured person correctly. 
  • When any sudden accident happens, the condition of few people becomes too worse. In such condition, if the person of weak heart gives primary treatment to that injured person, he/she is become nervous by him/herself too.    
  • He/she should have proper knowledge about the body and its different functional systems. In addition to them, he/she should also have knowledge about few important medicines and the art of tying bandages.
  • He/she should also have full knowledge of the situation of accidental spot.
  • Few medicines or other help is given to the injured person by the person who is giving primary treatment to him/her.
  • He/she should do every work very carefully and with intelligence, because a clever person understands the real condition easily and do not delay in taking right decision. 
  • He/she should be very intelligent. Many problems are arisen in few cases. In such cases, the person who is giving primary treatment should need to do the work first which is most necessary. 


  • Everyone should have the knowledge about primary treatment, because no one knows when, where and to whom, it is needed to give primary treatment.
  • The knowledge of primary treatment is never being wasted. If a person protects minimum one person through it, it means that his/her knowledge has become successful.