Introduction: -

Theridiom drug is considered useful to keep the nerves conscious. This drug has same symptoms like tuberculosis. Therefore, this drug acts rapidly on the tuberculosis symptoms afterwards cures them. This drug cures dizziness, headache along with vomiting and pain around the heart. This remedy cures the scrofula and tuberculosis created with blood accumulation. Besides it, this drug is used in such type of symptoms as inability to tolerate the noise, such feeling as a fast wave of noise is pierced in the body especially in the teeth after going in the noisy surround; and the affected parts become injure from noisy surround. So, Theridiom drug is used in such type of symptoms. This drug should be used in these symptoms as bone troubles, T.B. of the bone, bone emaciating, tuberculosis along with piercing pain on upper portion of left lung.     

Use of Theridiom drug based on symptoms in various body parts: -

Symptoms related to Mind: -

Some patients have such type of symptoms as changing in nature due to imbalanced mind, uncomfortable always, easily angered, difficulty to get delight and such sensation as the time is passing very fast. The use of Theridiom drug is curable in these mentally symptoms.

Symptoms related to head: -

Theridiom drug should be used to cure such type of symptoms as headache, so much sensitive pain as the pain also increases if the patient walks on flour; inability to pass long distance due to dizziness, nausea and vomiting to try for walk and aggravation in the symptoms of vomiting and dizziness to close the eyes.   

Symptoms related to eyes: -

The use of Theridiom drug is curable in such type of symptoms related to eyes as white wave of light before the eyes, difficulty to see in high light, feeling of tightness behind the eyeball and tremor over the left eye.

Nose related symptoms: -

Patient should use this drug to cure these symptoms as discharging of yellow and stink mucus in much quantity from the nose.

Symptoms related to stomach: -

Theridiom drug should be used to cure such type of symptoms as ill stomach of the people who live nearby the sea due to using sea water, as a resulting they suffer from vomiting. If a patient gets dizziness and vomiting to close the eyes and suffers from stinging pain upper portion of left spleen and sensation of burning in the liver, the use of Theridiom drug is curable in such symptoms.    

Symptoms related to respiration: -

The use of Theridiom drug is very beneficial for the people who have been suffering from pain in upper portion of left sided chest, pain in the left bone of the ribs, excitement and pain in the heart, feeling of pain in the muscles of left sided chest along with such sensation as someone is scratching the muscles  

Back-related symptoms: -

Theridiom drug is used in such cases as pain in middle of vertebras or inability to tolerate the pressure, inability to tolerate pressure in the spinal cord and the pain caused by poisonous of any creature. 

Symptoms related to skin: -

The use of Theridiom drug is curable in these types of symptoms as stinging pain on the skin, pricking pain, sensation of itching on the skin and lack of power of thighs, etc. 

Aggravation: -

The symptoms aggravate to touch affected parts, to press down, on the ship, to car-riding, to close the eyes, from a push, from noise and to walk on left side.

Amelioration: -

Patient gets relief in headache from heat and sun strokes.

Comparison: -

Theridiom drug is compared with Calcarea and Lycopodium drugs. These medicines are used before theridium drug for a quick relief.

Dose: -

30 potency of Theridiom drug is used.