Introduction: -

Thea drug is used to end the symptoms as sleepiness (nervous insomnia), heart disease, fast heartbeat and chronic diseases due to taking too much tea. The use of this drug is very beneficial if a patient suffers from excessive vomiting along with intense headache

Use of Thea drug based on symptoms in various body parts: -

Symptoms related to Mind: -

If a patient has such type of mental symptoms in which he is happy himself and tetchy natured, the use of Thea drug is curable.   

Head-related symptoms: -

Thea drug should be used in such type of symptoms as headache along with vomiting and the pain starts from one place and gradually aggravates over the head. Patient should use this drug in feeling of cool and sunken occiput.

Symptoms related to sleep: -

The use of Thea drug is beneficial in improper sleep and sudden wake up with a fear due to horrify dreams at night.

Symptoms related to ear: -

Patient should use Thea drug in the case of tinnitus aureum (strange voices in the ear).

Heart-related symptoms: -

The use of Thea drug is beneficial in the symptoms related to heart as feeling of tightness in the heart, painful heart, difficulty in sleeping on left stomach due to heart tremor, feeling of fluttering in the chest, fast palpitation and nervous palpitation with halting.

Symptoms related to stomach: -

Thea drug should be used to cure such type of symptoms as feeling of swamping on the upper gastric, feeling of empty stomach with unconsciousness, desired of eating sour things and expulsion of much wind from the anus.  

Abdominal symptoms: -

Taking Thea drug is helpful in such type of symptoms as stomach rumbling and intestinal replacement. 

Symptoms related to female: -

Thea drug should be used in ovarian wounds with untouchable pain.

Symptoms associated with sleep: -

The patient who has been suffering from excessive sleeping along with excitement in the nerves which circulate the blood, instability, skin dryness, etc., should take Thea drug. This drug should be used in such symptom of sleep in which the patient doesn’t wake up from asleep instead of horrify dreams.    

Aggravation: -

The symptoms aggravate at night, to live in opened air and after the meal.

Amelioration: -

The symptoms ameliorate to live in hot room and taking bath with hot water

Comparison: -

Thea drug can be compared with Thuja, Ferrum and Kali-Hydriodicum medicines.

Removing bad effects: -

Tabacum drug is used to destroy the bad effects of Thea drug medicine. 

Dose: -

Thea drug is used in 3, 30 to 200 potency.