Name in different languages:

English           -            The Creet

Hindi              -             Kalmegh, Mahatita, Mahabhang, Kalpnath

Sanskrit          -            Yavtikta, Kirat tikt, Kalmegh

Marathi           -            Ole kiraiet, Pale kiraiet

Gujrati           -              Lilu, Kirayatu              

Bengali          -             Kam megh, Mahatita, Alui

Latin              -             Andrographis peniculata


       The creet is small, dry and spicy. Its fruits are bitter, nutritive and hot in nature.

      The creet brings the phlegm out and stimulates to the brain and mind. It increases digestion power and stimulates the liver. It checks bile disorders and purifies the blood. It is beneficial in amoebic dysentery, loose motions and swelling. It ends stomach worms and purifies sweat.

       The creet is used for the treatment of white flecks, fever and chronic fever. It is also used to end the weakness of the child caused by any diseases. It purifies the blood and cures syphilis. The creet is mixed with liquids which are used to purify the blood. It purifies to the blood after a proper reaction. It works like quinine in fever but it is less effective than quinine.