The affect of magnet on diseases


        We know that human body is made up of various types of cells and these cells form different tissues inside the body resulting important organs like lungs, liver, brain and kidneys grow (develop). All these organs do their particular functions inside the body and remain as tied in natural rules completely. There is a magnetic unit of every cells present inside the body and the same property is found also in different organs of the body. All these organs generate magnetic fields. The functional and resting systems of these organs are different with each other. The magnetic fields are neither uninterrupted nor stable in nature, but goes on increasing and decreasing time-to-time. sodium and potassium is present in all the magnetic fields in different body organs due to contraction process or chloride ions generated by sending tissues signals, due to electric ions, electric currents, etc. we know that our brain produces maximum 3,00,000 kg gos magnetic field especially in sleeping mode while the heart produces about 100 kg gos magnetic field. In day and night, minimum magnetic field can be very less comparison to the maximum amount. In this way, average magnetic power has been provided to different body organs with normal working. As we all know that the electric currents produced by the heart and brain are used in electric hritlekh and electric brain lekh and it is also found that when an organ is destroyed or the body feels disturbance in its work due to any harmful elements, a big disturbance is occurred in the magnetic field of the body and due to which, magnetic power is affected.

        In the human body, increasing and decreasing magnetic field of different organs have been found as affected badly by outer magnetic fields like- the earth, the sun, the moon, etc. many scientists have also told that sudden increasing and decreasing of the gravitational force of attraction is co-related with heart neuralgic obstruction. The increment and decrement of the gravitational force of attraction affect the brain and the electric and magnetic systems of the human body.  

Affects of solar systems-

        About 99% of whatever is found in our solar systems is affected by the sun, so the process of the solar systems has been increased which is measured by the numbers of sun marks (spots) seen on the solar systems. These types of spots form by those sections that are situated above the sun due to which the magnetic field of the solar systems is charged with abnormal power and thousands of gos are present in one pair. While the magnetic field of the earth is about 0.6 gos on magnetic pole. The fast magnetic process took place on the sun revolves in internal path through plavika with the speed of 400 km/second.


        Plavika It is a type of gas and the electric particles of atoms are entered in it and positive ions are left.

        When sunrays fall brightly on the earth, the gravitational force of it is disturbed and affects the magnetic functional ability of the entire living creature found on the earth badly. During the obstructions of the gravitational force of attraction, sudden and rapid increasing and decreasing and palpitation affect the living creature as like as electricity affects the devices due to fast electrical increment and decrement.

The affects of artificial magnet (man made)-

        The artificial magnet is often stable and uninterrupted magnetic field of natural magnet that keeps the functional ability balanced. The affects of man made magnet (artificial magnet) can be seen clearly. It prevents any types of diseases in the absence of fast increment and decrement of disease inside the body, but provides strength.

Javi tal-

        The scientists have told recently that the magnet is not only a type of unit, but also uncountable javi tals of each of the cell present inside the body. These are affected with the javi tals of other cells found in the body. These types of many cells combine with each other and forms lakhs of tals and develop very big tal like heart beat. It is very surprising things that these tals remain active whole the day and play important roles in brain functions, body temperature, hormones inside the body and in the production of many nutritive elements. It indicates that the javi tals go on moving and working all the time (24 hours). Bio chemical reaction goes on increasing and decreasing in the body of all the living creature and humans of this world and provides good knowledge to good doctors for better treatment. When any disease is occurred in a person, the functions of javi tal found inside the body are disturbed resulting human has to faces dangerous diseases. For example- when a person is suffered from cancer, the functions of javi tals, found inside the body, is become slowly and the body organs are lost tals resulting many diseases are occurred inside the body. When a person is healthy, the cells’ tals start doing necessary work.

        When we think well about these tals and think about these cells or tissues for further functions, we know that many planets, solar systems and many galaxies are go on revolving like a needle of a clock and this entire world has made like a huge javi clock, while the structure of many elements and the nature of the atmosphere are different in different planets and solar systems and it is also felt that there is a great power that keeps all the celestial bodies tied together. This great power is know by us as magnetic attraction power. The God and magnetic attraction power are the two greatest powers. In this way, javi tals remain connected with magnetic attraction power found in this world and life can not be expected without it. Hence, we can say that these magnetic attraction powers keeps balance and co-relation between different types of body functions and when any disordering comes in these magnetic power, many types of diseases are occurred in the body.