Thatch Grass



Colour: Thatch grass is black and yellow.

Taste: It is pungent.

Structure: Thatch grass is a type of grass, which grows in cool regions. Its flowers are white and very beautiful.

Nature: Thatch grass is cool in nature.

Quality: Thatch grass breaks stone and passes the urine out easily. It checks bile disorders and prevents bleeding caused by piles soon.

Useful in different diseases:

1. Fever: Take 20 to 40 ml decoction of thatch grass’s root with water twice or thrice a day. Its use abates fever and provides relief.

2. Hiccup: Take the powder of thatch grass’s root with honey. Its use provides relief in hiccup.

3. Metrorrhagia: Grind 3 to 6 grams root of thatch grass and take this preparation twice a day. Its use provides relief.

4. For attractive and bulging breast: Make the paste by grinding root of thatch grass. Apply 3 to 6 grams this paste on the nipples. Its use increases the size of the nipples proportionally to the body.