Introduction: -

Thallium drug is made from thallium metal according to the rule of Homeopathic medical science. This drug acts on symptoms of various body parts rapidly afterwards cures the related disease. This drug impacts on inter-blowing glands especially thyroid and kidney glands, consequently, it eliminates nervous pain, jerking pain and shooting pain. This is a curable drug of muscles swelling, physiologic tremor and intense pain prenaz gatibhang. Beside it, this drug is also used in paralysis of body organs, jerky pain in the stomach and intestine, madness, alopecia (hair falling) and over perspiration at night. This drug is used to cure swelling of bahu-neural and nutrition with juice.

Use of Thallium drug based on symptoms in various body organs: -

Symptoms related to external body organs: -

Thallium drug should be taken by the patients who are victim of such type of symptoms as shivering in the hands, feet and whole body, a feeling of paralysis impact on the whole body, tearing pain along with jerking in the body parts, sensation of too much physiologic fatigue, chronic swelling of spinal cord, complaint of such swelling that aggravates gradually from fingers of hand and feet to navel region, paralysis impacts below the body organs, cyanosis of external organs, sensation of something crawling in the hands fingers that aggravates to feet through the navel, anus and thigh.     

Comparison: -

Thallium drug can be compared with Lathyrus, Causticum, Argentum-nitricum and Plumb drugs.

Dose: -

The powder of lower potency or 30 potency of Thallium drug is used.