Terminalia chembula




This drug is prepared from a plant named ‘Myrabolam Chebulie’. It is used to cure several types of symptoms related to diseases like- bloody piles, loose motions, chronic dysentery (coming blood with loose motions), suppression of loose motions, stomachache, headache, vertigo, dropsy, different types of skin diseases, etc. 

Use of Terminalia Chembula in different symptoms:-

Symptoms related to mind (mood):-

 In the cases of changeable nature of the patient and hot temperament even on small topics, talkative nature, excess yawning, etc., this drug should be given. 

Symptoms related to the head: -

Terminalia Chembula should be also given in different symptoms related to the head like- frequent feeling of vertigo (dizziness), aggravating of pain and vertigo in the sunlight, aggravation of vertigo by moving and pressing the head and amelioration by taking bath, in the evening, by cold dry air, sleeping, eating food, etc.

Symptoms related to the mouth: -

Terminalia Chembula should be taken in the cases like- additional salivation from the mouth, much desires for drinking cold water, feeling dryness in the upper jaw, becoming the gum tough after swelling, coming offensive belches from the mouth, etc.

Symptoms related to the tongue: -

Terminalia Chembula is very beneficial in different symptoms like- thick tongue, dryness of the tongue, coating in catechu appearance on the tip of the tongue with the feeling of pain, rawness on the tongue, etc.

Symptoms related to the respiratory systems: -

In different symptoms like- difficulty in breathing due to which, he has to inhale deeply, warm breaths, etc.

Symptoms related to the stomach: -

This drug should be used in the case of fulfill ness in the stomach. 

Pain in different organs of the body: -       

Terminalia Chembula should be used in the case of waist pain that aggravates by sitting and ameliorates by lying down. It is also very beneficial in other symptoms like- pain in the rear of the neck, chest and pressing pain around the heart, etc.

Symptoms related to the rectum:-

Terminalia Chembula should be used in the cases like- frequent loose motions, but while excretion faecal materials comes out with force in little quantity or sometimes it is suppressed completely; sweating and pressing pain in the rectum while excretion. Use this drug in other symptoms also like- feeling itching sensation and fulfill ness in the rectum, coming little faecal materials during loose motions and coming white glutinous materials with loose motions, burning sensation with flatulence (expansion of the stomach), solid stools come out in little quantity while excretion etc. This drug acts rapidly and cures stools related symptoms.   

Symptoms related to urine:-

 Giving Terminalia Chembula is very beneficial in the cases of scanty urination and frequent urination at night.

Symptoms related to the external organs of the body: -

Giving Terminalia Chembula is very effective in symptoms like- pain in the upper muscles of the shoulders (deltoid muscles) and itching on the body which ameliorates by scratching.

Symptoms related to the pulse:-        

Terminalia Chembula should be taken in different symptoms like- fast pulse rate, sometimes pulse rate is slow and sometimes it is fast, becoming the pulse tough and weak, etc.


Terminalia Chembula is used in 3x, 6x or 30 or its mother tincture to cure different diseases.