Introduction: -

Tellurium drug is made from tellurium named metal. This remedy ends different symptoms of the patient. Especially, it activates on different symptoms related to the skin, spinal cord, ear and eye. This drug is used to eliminate the pain from back and whole body. Besides it, this remedy is much used in stink perspiration from the body, sacrum (bellower part of spine) and pain of sciatica.   

Tellurium drug activates gradually in diseases. So, the hidden symptoms of disease appear after some days afterwards the disease is cured completely.

Use of Tellurium drug based on various symptoms in the body organs: -

Head-related symptoms: -

Tellurium drug should be taken by the patient who has been suffering from such type of symptoms related to head as pain in left sided head and over the skull of left eye, chaos muscles of left sided face, agility, feeling of straining in the left sided corner of the mouth, untouchable pain that aggravates more to touch, sensation of a fear as someone will touch his painful part, blood circulation in the occiput by which of the patient feels body debility and gastric unconscious; and head itching with appearance of red marks.    

Symptoms related to mouth: -

If a patient has smell like putrid garlic in the mouth now Tellurium drug should be used.

Symptoms related to eyes: -

The use of Tellurium drug is useful to cure such symptoms as thicken palpebras, sensation of itching with burning in the eyelids, gangrene in the triangle of eyes and inflammation of the eyes. Tellurium drug should be taken in such symptom as white particle in the eyes that shows in the internal portion of pupil. This drug should be used in discharging of pus from watery eyes, appearance of pruriginous pimples and ulcers on the palpebras, risen veins of the eyes, appearance of small blisters on edges of the iris and feeling pain while speaking or chewing.  

Symptoms related to ear: -

Using Tellurium drug cures the symptoms related to ear as presence of abscess behind the ear, feeling of cold in middle of ear along with discharging of sharp pus like fish smell from the ear, itching in the ear, inflammation of the ear, sensation of tremor in the ear, deafness, etc. 

Nose related symptoms: -

The use of Tellurium drug is beneficial for the patient suffered from such type of symptoms as discharging of water from nose due to cold, lachrymation, hoarseness, discharging of salty mucus from left nostril and getting of relief in the opened air.  

Symptoms related to stomach: -

Tellurium drug should be used in these types of symptoms as crave to eat apple due to stomach deficiency, feeling empty stomach instead of taking the meal, body weakness and heartburn.

Symptoms related to rectum: -

Taking Tellurium drug is useful in curing the itching of the anus and nearby penis after faeces excretion.

Symptoms related to back: -

Tellurium drug should be taken by the patients who have such type of symptoms as pain below portion of the spinal cord, feeling of pain from seventh cervical vertebra to fifth surface vertebra that pain aggravates to touch; and aggravation in pain to move right side, to cough, to strain and at night during sciatica

Symptoms related to skin diseases: -

The use of Tellurium drug is curable in itching of hands and feet, appearance of marks and round ringworms on the skin, annular and stink wound, excitable itching, stinging pain in the skin, manifestation of stink vapors from skin, stink sweating from the feet, presence of abscess behind the ear or temple and appearance of round marks of ulcers on the skin.   

Symptoms related to Male: -

Tellurium drug should be taken by the patients who are victim of such symptoms as crave of coition, appearance of ulcers in testis region and crops of pimples like ringworms on genitals. 

Aggravation: -

The symptoms aggravate from taking rest at night, in cold air, to friction, from cough or laugh and to touch affected parts or lying on affected side. 

Amelioration: -

The patient gets relief in opening air.

Comparison: -

Tellurium drug can be compared with Ars, Rhus-Toxicodendron and Zanthacus drugs.

Dose: -

Tellurium drug is used in higher potencies than 6to higher potency.