Tecomella Undulata



Name in different languages:

Hindi                -             Rakt rohida, Roheda

Sanskrit           -              Rohitik, Dadim pushpak, Dadimmachchhd

Marathi            -              Rakta rokida

Bengali            -              Harir hada, Roda, Raina, Pittaraj

Gujrati             -              Rohido

Punjabi            -              Ruheda

Kannada         -               Yardumal, Mutle

Telugu             -               Mulumodug chetth

Latin               -               Tecomella Unduleta


        Juice of Tecomella Unduleta is pungent and sour. Its nature is cold and its use brings sweat. It cures kapha-pitta.Its skin has chemical element and increases strength. It is used for the treatment of liver problems and weakness.

        There are two kinds of Tecomella Unduleta. Its seeds cure liver, spleen disease, gas and stomach diseases. It destroys stomach worms. Wounds, ear, blood, eye, liver and vatta diseases can also be cured by taking it. Its use ends poison effect.