Taxus baccata



Introduction: -

Taxus Baccata drug is used to end various types of symptoms. This is a useful remedy to end the symptoms as skin suppuration along with discharging of pus, over perspiration at night and other symptoms. The use of this drug proves very beneficial in joints pain and chronic rheumatism.

Use of Taxus Baccata drug based on various symptoms in the body: -

Head-related symptoms: -

Taxus Baccata drug should be used in such type of symptoms as feeling of pain inside the eyes and right sided temple, lachrymation, etc. The use of this drug is beneficial in chaos pupils, bloated face, face etiolation, etc.

Symptoms related to stomach: -

Taxus Baccata drug should be taken by the persons who are victim of such symptoms as sensation of redden, warm and sharp stomach, complaint of retching, pain in the stomach layers and in the navel region, attack of cough after the meal, piercing pain in abdomen layers and feeling of stomach emptiness in spite of taking the meal.

Symptoms related to skin: -

Taxus Baccata drug should be used to end such type of skin symptoms as appearance of large, plain and pruriginous pimples on the skin, stink perspiration from skin at night, presence of poisonous ulcers on the skin and arthritis of feet. This remedy speedily activates on the symptoms related to skin afterwards cures them. 

Dose: -                                           

The mother tincture or 3potency of Taxus Baccata drug is used.