Taste is not in food rather in appetite


Introduction :

           Feeling hunger is natural process of the body. If one feels natural hunger, one eats any type of food with taste. But on the contrary, when if a person feels no hunger, he does not eat too much tasty food with taste. If someone takes the food without hunger, he desires to take pickles, jam, spicy substances and other things, which are harmful for the health. These types of substances have much taste, so a person eats too much food because of taste but these things generate acidity in the stomach and the digestive system becomes disturbed.

Knowledge :

  • At present, mostly artificial color, chemicals etc are used in the food to make it tasty, which is very harmful to the health of any person.
  • Every person should know about the edible things and their quantity. A person should know about the right time of taking meal too.
  • Nature has made natural food as fruits, vegetables, dry fruits etc to complete necessities of the human body but a person depend on other types of meal by becoming compel. This type of meal is harmful for the health.
  • If you have taken food of one time, there should be a gap of at least six hours in the second time food. In this case, the person feels hunger naturally and he will take every type of meal with taste.
  • If we establish habit of taking fruits, lettuce and natural food instead of oily and fried things, we eat any type of meal with taste.