Tartaricum acidum


Introduction: -

Some portion of Tartaricum Acidum drug makes in grapes, pine-apple, sour sorrel and other fruits. This drug ends cold and purifies the blood. This drug prevents discharging from nose mucous and excites to the gleet discharging. This drug is used in such cases as loath of doing work, excessive laziness, much debility along with frequent diarrhoea and saffron colored tongue with dryness. This is also a useful remedy in heels pain. 

Use of Tartaricum Acidum drug based on various symptoms in the body parts: -

Symptoms associated with gastric: -

Tartaricum Acidum drug should be taken by the patients who are victim of such symptoms as excessive thirst, frequent vomiting, sensation of burning in the throat and stomach, improper digestion of meal, profuse mucous discharging, etc.

Abdominal symptoms: -

The use of Tartaricum Acidum drug is very beneficial in these symptoms as feeling pain around the navel and hips, coffee colored diarrhoea, saffron colored tongue with dryness and complaint of dark and green vomiting. 

Dose: -

3 potency of Tartaricum Acidum drug is used. 2 grams pure acid can be used after mixing with water.