Tarmineliya Glabra




         Tarmineliya glabra tree is large. Its wood is very strong and used to make buildings, boat and others things. Its leaves are long. There are two kinds of its tree as white and black. White ain is white in color. Its soft bark is used for coloring.

Name in different languages:

Latin                     -        Tarmineliya Glabra

Hindi                    -         Ain

Sanskrit                -        Raktarjun

Gujarati                 -        Tein Sajad

Kannada               -        Kenpupti.

Telugu                   -        Irshmadwee

Useful for Different Diseases:             

1. Hurt: Apply a paste of white ain bark on the affected part and tie a bandage on the same part. It cures hurt.

2. Ulcer: Mix juice of black basil and ain bark with rice-flour. After that, apply it on the on the ulcer to burst ulcer after maturing.

3. Paralysis: Ain ash should be tied on the affected parts. It affected part becomes soft and cures paralysis properly.

4. Phlegm: Mix ain ash with honey and give it to the patient. Phlegm goes out after becoming loose by its use.