Tarentula hispania



Introduction: -

All homeopathic drugs are made from any type of tree and plant or creatures. Tarentula Hispania drug is also prepared with venom of spider. According to homeopathic physicians, this drug should be used after using in various types of physiologic symptoms. This drug cures the symptoms related to female as hysteria, menses troubles and troubles of uterus and genitals. This drug is used in such nervous illness which symptoms do not occur easily in the patient, but this drug exposure all type of symptoms of any disease afterwards cures the disease completely. This drug proves useful in curing hysterical jaundice. The use of this drug is beneficial in nervous troubles of the people who play dance, painful menses and sensation of burning upper portion of the spine cord. This drug is used to cure spasm of urinating, feeling of shrunken and crawling like ant in the bladder. Such symptoms aggravate from over restlessness, continually walking with unwilling and from walk. The use of Tarentula Hispania drug is very beneficial in the symptoms of epilepsy attack due to over excitement, desired of much coition, etc.        

Use of Tarentula Hispania drug based on various symptoms in the body parts: -

Symptoms related to Mind: -

The use of Tarentula Hispania drug is beneficial to cure such type of mental symptoms as sudden changing in the patient nature, deceiving modality, harms to himself and others due to excessive anger, liking to listen music, desired of sabotage and stealing, disliking to meet persons and to live with company while scaring from solitude, ungrateful natured and disability to possess his wishes.     

Head-related symptoms: -

Tarentula Hispania drug is used in these types of symptom as sensation of such headache as someone is piercing a needle; vertigo, frequent desired of comb in hair or to press the head and nervous headache along with aggravation from a trifle voice, to touch or in the sharp light.  

Symptoms related to male: -

Taking Tarentula Hispania drug is helpful in curing such type of symptoms as increment in sex excitement , attacks of insanity along with great desire of coition and emission. 

Symptoms related to female: -

Tarentula Hispania drug should be used in such symptoms as vaginal dryness and warmness with fast itching, profuse menstruation along with diminish of sex wish, rapid itching in the vagina, great desire of coition, characterless with lascivious natured, painful menses and untouchable vaginal pain due to hypersensitivity in fallopian glands. The use of this drug is beneficial in such type of symptoms as dryness in the throat, tongue and mouth during menses and aggravation in symptoms during asleep. This drug should be used in these types of symptom as disappointment in female with uterine pain, sorrowful natured, unconscious of uterine, etc.         

Heart-related symptoms: -

Tarentula Hispania drug is used to cure such symptoms related to the heart as heart tremor, feeling of restlessness in the heart, feeling as someone squeezes or moves the heart. 

Symptoms related to wound: -

The use of Tarentula Hispania drug is considered very beneficial to cure such type of wounds as carbuncle, gangrene, felons, etc. The patient who has such type of wounds disturbs completely and walks at night due to pain. Patient also feels burning at the wound portion.

Symptoms related to external body parts: -

The use of Tarentula Hispania drug is beneficial in the feet weakness especially the people who play dance. The use of this drug is helpful in curing the symptoms related to external body organs as numbness in the feet, strict spinal cord with over enlargement and shivering, feeling of jerks and pulsation, stiffen muscles with fluttering, feet tremor along with yawning, compelling of moving the feet and unnatural shrunken and moving in the organs. 

Aggravation: -

The symptoms aggravate to move, touch, from noise, to caress the back after menstruation, in evening and from weather changing. These symptoms also aggravate to see others harm or grief.

Amelioration: -

Such symptoms ameliorate in opened air, to listen music, from white color, to massage on affected parts, from horse-riding and to smoke.

Comparison: -

Tarentula Hispania can be compared with Agaricus, Arse, Quperm and Magnesia-Phosphorica drugs.

Dose: -

6 to 30 potency of Tarentula Hispania drug are used.