Introduction: -

         The use of Tabacum drug is the cause of several symptoms related to such diseases that are strange for the patient. Firstly, this drug causes all the small symptoms related to disease afterwards finishes them. Especially, it activates on nausea, vertigo, jaundice, vomiting, excessive cold sensation, perspiration and fast palpitation. This drug destroys bacteria of cholera and prevents to be aggravated. Besides it, this drug is also used to cure numbness of the muscles system, collapse, pain of digestion system, intestinal pain, and disease of such people who live nearby the sea; cholera infantum, too much activeness in the intestine and complaint of diarrhoea. This drug is also helpful to end the symptoms that keep the abdomen naked in spite of cold abdominal sensation; heart hardness and complaint of high blood pressure.

         Tabacum drug is used in heartburn along with swelling and high blood pressure. This drug is used to end such type of symptoms as stricture in the throat, chest, bladder and rectum; etiolation (yellowness), suffocation and severe nerves like rope.

Use of Tabacum drug based on symptoms in several body parts:-

Symptoms related to mind:-

         Tabacum drug should be used in such type of symptoms- If a patient suffered from mentally troubles has also other symptoms as feeling like he is alive without any ambition; despair and sad, poor memory and crave to achieve any thing always.

Head-related symptoms: -

         Tabacum drug should be used to cure such type of symptoms related to head as vertigo to open the eyes after closing, headache along with vomiting, quotidian retching, feeling of something is tied on the head, sudden headache, sensation of hammering on the head, nervous deafness and profuse discharging form the eye, nose and mouth. This drug activates fast on the mentally symptoms and cures the disease.   

Symptoms related to eyes: -

         Tabacum drug should be used to cure various symptoms related to the eyes as glaucoma, squint vision, poor eyesight along with black marks, appearance of big black mark in middle of the eye when looks something, loss of eyesight without any reason and blood depositing in the veins.   

Facial symptoms: -

         The use of Tabacum drug is beneficial to end such type of facial symptoms as sensation of etiolated, blue and scratched face; pinched face, facial weakness on day by day, over sweating from face and appearance of flecks on the face.   

Throat related symptoms: -

         Tabacum drug should be used in swelling of nasal and duodenal, discharging of mucus with cough and vomiting, throat irritation due to speak over or singing songs and other symptoms related to throat.  

Heart-related symptoms: -

         Tabacum drug should be used in all type symptoms related to the heart as growing palpitation to lie on left stomach, prevention in nerve throbbing, nerve weakness, so much slow palpitation as his speed can’t know, heartburn with pain in heart region, pain in middle of sternum that aggravates in whole chest gradually, excessive tremor in the heart, sudden slow palpitation of nerve, heart enlargement due to any accident, mental attacks or excessive physiologic deed. 

Symptoms related to respiration: -

         Tabacum drug should be taken by the patients who have such type symptoms of respiration as pain in the chest along with stricture, feeling of tightness on the heart along with tremor and pain in middle of shoulders, complaint of hiccups after cough, fierce dry cough and difficulty in drinking something due to cough, difficulty in breathing and sensation of burning in the left hand to lie on left stomach. 

Stomach-related symptoms: -

         Tabacum drug should be used to end such type of symptoms as nausea, feeling of nauseate from tobacco fume, retching following by vomiting, discharging of fluid with excrement often, accustomed of spitting during pregnancy, the symptoms of such people who live in sea regions, unconscious in the abdominal layers, feeling of pinched stomach, retching along with sensation of exhaust from light and feeling of pain that starts from digestion system and heart and gradually runs towards the left hand.     

Abdominal symptoms:-

         The use of Tabacum drug is very beneficial in these symptoms- abdominal symptoms in which the patient feels coolness in abdomen and desired of naked abdomen that is the cause of retching following by vomiting afterwards the patient gets relief. 

Symptoms related to rectum: -

         Taking Tabacum drug is helpful in curing such type of symptoms as extremely constipation, signs of paralysis in the rectum, prolapsus of rectum, frequent diarrhoea, sudden commencing of diarrhoea, diluet motion like water, retching with loose-motion, vomiting, disappointment, over perspiration, evacuation of faeces like spoiled milk, spasm of rectum and other symptoms related to abdomen.     

Symptoms related to cholera:-

         Sometimes patient gets suppression in diluet motion to use a drug in presence of cholera. In such condition other symptoms may occur as retching, yawning, face etiolation, perspiration from over body, feeling of coolness in whole body besides the abdomen, nervous debility, disturbance in nerve palpitation and other symptoms followed by cholera. The use of Tabacum drug proves very beneficial to end such types of symptoms.

Symptoms related to urine: -

         Tabacum drug should be used for in renal pain and intense pain in the ureter especially in the left side. 

Symptoms related to female:-

         The use of Tabacum drug is useful in curing such symptoms- excessive vomiting during pregnancy, intense itching on the whole body during pregnancy, water-brash, heart irritation and deficiency in digestion system.

Symptoms related to external body organs: -

         Tabacum is a beneficial drug to cure such type of symptoms as icy feeling in the hands and feet, body tremor, signs of paralysis after asceticism, habitual to drag the feet and lameness when walk and weakness in the hands. 

Symptoms related to sleep: -

         Tabacum drug should be used in sleepiness due to heart pain along with cool and sticky sweat from the body and accustomed to confuse with trifles. 

Symptoms related to retching along with head pain and dizziness: -

         Tabacum drug should be taken by such person who is victim of these symptoms as retching along with headache and dizziness, aggravation in head pain from sun-rising to noon, often the pain stays for two days in such symptoms and aggravates in closed room as well as ameliorates in opened air and eye closing and opening; sudden attack of pain in right sided head and other symptoms during retching. If a patient has symptoms of intense pain in right sided head along with retching now spyzilia drug should be used instead of Tabacum. If the patient has symptoms of poor eyesight and headache along with retching now Netrum-mur drug should be used at the place of Tabacum.     

Symptoms related to fever: -

         The use of Tabacum drug is beneficial in feeling of too much cold and cold perspiration from body along with fever.

Aggravation: -

         The symptoms aggravate to open the eyes, in evening, excessively heat or cool.

Amelioration: -

         The patient gets relief in opened and fresh air and to live opened.

Comparison: -

         Tabacum drug can be compared with Hydobromic acid, Camphora, Veratr and Ars.

Removing bad effects: -

         Camphora, Ars, Ignatia, Sepia, Lycopodium, Nux, Caladium and Plantago drug are used to remove abuses of Tabacum drug.

Dose: - 3 to 30 potency of Tabacum drug can be used.

Note: -

         If a patient has some peculiar symptoms now Nicotinum drug can be used instead of Tabacum as flaccid body parts along with tremor after unconsciousness, retching, cool perspiration, feeling of backwards pulled head, stricture of palpebras and chewing muscles, stiffen muscles of neck and back and exciting in the muscles of respiratory duct, breathing and larynx.