Syzygium jambolinum



          Syzygium jambolinum drug is very beneficial for curing diabetes and frequent urination. Besides it, this medicine is also useful for curing the symptoms as skin ringworms like prickly heat, pimples, itching and weakness. 

Useful in various symptoms:

Urinary-related symptoms:-

         Syzygium jambolinum drug should be used in the cases of over thirst, urinating after every 2 hours and sugar with urinating. This medicine checks the above symptoms.

Skin-related symptoms:-

           Syzygium jambolinum is very useful remedy for curing the symptoms as small and red pimples on the outer portion of the skin which conation severe itching, chronic wound on the skin and any type of wound on the body due to diabetes.


          Mother tincture or 2 to 3 potencies of Syzygium jambolinum medicine should be given to the suffered patient.