Syrup and majun



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           If you want to prepare syrup from dry things, grind thick materials and soak in 8 folds water at night. Boil this mixture on light heat in the morning and evening until remains 1/3 part then put it down and crush gently with hands after cooling. Mix 2 to 2.5 folds sugar or loaf-sugar or sugar-candy into this mixture and boil it again. When it turns into dark treacle then put it down. It should be boiled properly otherwise it will spoil earlier. Drip treacle’s drop on the earth if it does not spread, it is considered that syrup has prepared. Store this syrup into a big bottle of china soil or glass.

            There is a little difference between syrup and Majun, majun is like pudding (Halwa) while syrup is some liqueur than majun. If you want to mix saffron in majun, you can mix it after cooling.

            If you want to prepare syrup of fruits juice, first, clean the fruits with fresh water and extract juice from these. Mix 2 to 2.5 folds sugar or loaf sugar or sugar-candy in this juice to prepare syrup. If you want to prepare syrup with dry fruits (Meva), soak dry fruits in water and mix sugar or sugar-candy into this water to prepare syrup.