Mostly, syringe enema is taken in many diseases as typhoid. In this enema, enema of oil is given by syringe instead of enema of water by pipe. A syringe of metal is used for syringe enema in which oil is filled and enema is given to the patient by it.

Technique of syringe enema-

        To give syringe enema, the patient is made lie down on one side first. Thereafter, fill coconut or castor oil in the syringe and it is given into the patients’ anus. After that, it is stopped for sometime or about 750 ml lukewarm water is given in the anus by syringe on that In the case of typhoid fever, giving enema of glycerin by syringe instead of enema of water is much benefic

       In the case of piles, mix lemon juice and 50 ml coconut oil together and give enema of this mixture by syringe and close the anus by cotton. This enema should be given at night and keep the oil in the anus for whole night. Intestines become excited and the stool gathered in the intestines’ walls comes out by becoming loose by doing so. Oil enema should not be taken for many times. If this enema is taken many times, it can reduce the working capacity of the liver. Oil enema should be taken in case of excessive constipation.

Use of syringe enema-

       This enema should be taken in the cases of chronic constipation and when the stool becomes hard by drying. Besides it, syringe enema of oil is also used in case of stomachache, gastritis disorders and in such physical condition in which enema of water is not beneficial.