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[ S ] Related homeopathic drugs:
Syzygium Jamcolanum

Spiraea Ulmaria

Strychina Phosphorica

Symphoricarpus Racemosa

Sedum Acre

Serum Anguillar Ichthyotoxin


Squilla (Scilla)


Saccharum Officinale-Sucrose

Syzygium Jambolinum

Spongia Tosta

Stigmata Medis-Zea

Sulphur Iodatum

Stellaria Medica


Sabal Serrulata

Salicylicum Acidum

Scrophularia Nodosa


Stillingia Sylvatica




Stannum Metalicum

Spongia Tosta

Salvia Officinalis

Sarcolactic Acid

Sanguinarea Cannadensis

Secale Cornutum


Sempervivum Tectorum


Solanum Xanthocarpum

Spartium Scoparium


Sulphurosum Acidum



Sumbul Ferula Sumbul

Scutellaria Lateriflora

Solanum Lycopersicum


Strontiana Carbonica

Sambucus Nigra

Sulphuricum Acidum




Secale Cornutum


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            Syphilinum drug is considered very useful for curing the skin diseases. Often, the boils and pimples and wounds due to heat are suppressed by taking any drug. Giving Syphilinum medicine to the afflicted patients brings boils, pimples and wounds out and cures them too. It is very beneficial for the patient to bring boils pimples and wound out and to cure them because after curing them patient feels fast hunger and enhances body power. 

Useful in various symptoms:-

Mind-related symptoms:-

            The patient suffers from memory weakness and sits depressed all the time. He forgets everything just after but remembers all things before suffering from any disease. The patient feels that he will never cure. Giving Syphilinum drug to the suffered patient checks above symptoms. 

Head-related symptoms:-

            Syphilinum is an excellent remedy in the cases of pain in the head bones, hair fall, and intensive pain across the temples, and sensation like upper portion of the forehead is coming towards out and pain in behind of the eyes by that, patient does not sleep at night. The patient also suffers from as much intensive headache as feels that he will fall down after unconsciousness.

Eye-related symptoms:-

            Syphilinum drug should be used in the cases of relapsing blister of the cornea body along with burning sensation, blisters crops on the cornea, scratched ulcers on the epithelium surface of the cornea body, dripping tears from the eyes all the time, eyelids’ swelling, eyelids paralysis, seeming of double to the everything, tubercular iritis and sensation like chilled air is blowing over the eyes. This medicine provides relief from above symptoms.

Nose-related symptoms:-

            Syphilinum is a beneficial remedy in the symptoms as tuberculosis of the nose bones along with hole, chronic catarrh and palate hardness.   

Mouth-related symptoms:-

            Syphilinum drug is used in the cases of tuberculosis from gums to the teeth, thick coat of filth on the tongue, teeth marks on the tongue, zigzag shape of the teeth sides, excessive saliva from the mouth and dropping saliva from the mouth while sleeping. This medicine provides complete relief from above symptoms.

Gynecology-related symptoms:-

            Syphilinum is a great remedy in the symptoms as vagina wound and leucorrhoea viz excessive, sharp and diluet discharge from the vagina along with intensive pain of the ovary glands like someone has cut them with a sharp weapon. 

Respiratory-related symptoms:-

            Syphilinum drug can be used in the cases of chocked voice, asthma which appears in the summers for a long time, dry cough which aggravates at the night, problems due to touching the trachea and cutting pain from heart to the frontal angle at the night. This medicine provides relief from above symptoms.    

Rectum-related symptoms:-

            Syphilinum is very useful remedy in the symptoms as sensation of the rectum contraction, intensive pain while taking anima, sensation of the rectum rending and cracked rectum.

Symptoms related to external organs of the body:-

            Syphilinum is an excellent remedy in the cases of sciatica pain which aggravates at the night and ameliorates in the morning, arthritis of the shoulders joints, whitlow, intensive pain in the long bones, redness and wound in the middle of feet fingers and arthritis. The patient also washes his hands all the time.  

Skin-related symptoms:-

            Syphilinum drug should be used in the symptoms as red or brown pimples of the skin along with severe offensive smell and excessive weakness. This medicine provides complete relief from above symptoms.


            These symptoms aggravate at the night, from sunset till sunrising, on the sea shore and in the summers.


            These symptoms ameliorate by wandering slowly, far from the sea, in the day and on the mountains.natrum arsenicum


            Syphilinum medicine can be compared with Mercurius, Kali-hydriodicum, Oram, Natrum-Arsenicum and Alumi.


            Giving higher potencies of Syphilinum drug to the afflicted patient provides quick relief.


            There should be a big difference of taking the second dosage of Syphilinum drug.