Sweet Melon



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  The properties of melon and phoot are equal. Mostly, it is used to eat as cold fruits in the summer season.Introduction:

           Melon is called “cucumis melo” in Latin languages. Sweet melon, cucumber and phoot belong with a kind. It (melon) grows in the summer season, which should be taken because it is beneficial. It is sweet in taste and very useful for the health.

           The properties of melon and phoot are equal. Mostly, it is used to eat as cold fruits in the summer season. Raw melon is green with black and dark saffron lines. Ripe melon is green with some yellowness and its upper lines turn into white. It is red from internal and has small seeds. It is cultivated in Bihar, Utter Pradesh, Punjab and Rajasthan states in enough quantity.

According to Scientists: seeds of sweet melon or phoot are nutritive and help in urination clearly. In the summer season, when the body becomes dry, the patient should eat sweet melon or phoot (which is filled with water) because it is beneficial.

The elements, which are found in sweet melon:

Element                        Quantity

Protein                           0.1 percent

Fat (Vasa)                     0.1 percent

Carbohydrate                3.9 percent

Water                             95. 9 percent

Vitamin-A                      some quantity

Vitamin-C                      some quantity

Iron                                 0.2 m.l. / 100 grams

Phosphorous                0.01 percent

Calcium                         0.11 percent

Sodium                          0.01 percent 

Name in different languages:

English      -       Sweet melon

Hindi         -       Kharbuja

Sanskrit    -       Dashangul, Kharbuj

Bengali     -       Kharbuja

Marathi     -       Kharbuj

Gujrati      -       Kharbuj

Telugu      -       Kharbujm

Persian    -       Kharpuja

Arabic      -       Vittikha


           Eating over quantity of melon makes the intestines weak. If someone has been suffering from cholera, he should not over quantity of melon because it increases possibility of cholera. Hot natured persons should not eat lemon in over quantity because it may be the cause of eyes pain. Sweet melon should not be eaten before and after meals.


           Sweet melon keeps the mind and brain cool and calm. It quenches thirst and helps in urination clearly. It provides strength to the body and eliminates constipation. It causes sweat. It is cool in nature and enhances sperm count. It cures insanity and helps in urination clearly. It increases appetite and reduces stomach warmth. It cures stomach diseases, kidney problems, dropsy, jaundice and liver swelling. It breaks the stones and provides relief in chest pain. Coating ground seeds of sweet melon on the face increases the face glow. Eating ripe sweet lemon is useful to eliminate constipation.

Useful in different diseases:

1. Stone:

  • Grind root of sweet melon or phoot with cold water and give it to the patient to drink in the morning for 7 days regularly, it breaks stone and brings out them.
  • Grind one of spoon seeds of sweet melon (without peel), 15 pieces of big cardamom and two spoons sugar-candy together. Mix this mixture with one cup of water and give it to the patient twice a day regularly because it breaks kidney stone.

2. Anuria-dysuria: This disease is cured by taking seeds of sweet melon or phoot.

3. Gastric ulcer: The person, who has been suffering from this disease, should drink juice of sweet melon on empty stomach because it cures gastric ulcer.

4. Constipation: The patient should eat ripe sweet melon because it eliminates constipation.

5. Kidney problems: Peel seeds of sweet melon and grind these. Mix these ground seeds with some water and make it light hot. After that, give this preparation to the patient to drink for some days regularly to end kidney problems.

6. Liver disorders: The liver swelling ends by taking sweet melon.

7. Blood disorders caused by bile: Grind seeds of sweet melon and soak it in water for 12 hours. After that, mix aniseed root, chicory root and sugar-candy in this mixture and prepare syrup from it. After that, give this syrup to the patient regularly. It is useful to end blood disorders caused by bile.

8. Burn from fire: Rub ground seeds of sweet melon on the head and body. It is useful to end inflammation caused by burn from fire.

9. Headache: Mix seeds of sweet melon with cow ghee and sugar-candy thereafter freeze this mixture as barfi. Take about 50 grams this medicine twice a day and drink cow milk with cow ghee on it. Using this process is useful to end headache.

10. Body weakness: Eat 250 grams sweet melon and drink one-liter water syrup on it. The body becomes strong by using this process.

11. Neck pain: Heat leaf of sweet melon and coat some oil on it. Wrap this leaf on the neck and tie a bandage on it. Using this process is useful to end neck pain.