Sweet Marjorana



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Sweet Marjorana’s leaves are long and fragrant. In ancient time, its tree was found in only Europe, Africa and Asia miner, but now days it is found in all over India.

Name in Different Languages:

English                   :       Sweet Marjorana

Hindi                       :       Maruaa

Sanskrit                  :       Maroobak, Kharpatra, Marut

Marathi                   :       Sabza, Marba

Gujarati                  :        Marbo, Mardo

Telugu                     :       Maruwamu

Tamil                       :       Murru

Malayalam             :       Maruwamu

Parsian                  :        Marjanzosh

Arabic                    :        Marjanzosh

Punjabi                  :        Maruaa

Scientist Name     :        Oariganam Wavlayer law

Surname               :         Lamasis

Color: Its leaves are green.

Taste: Sweet Marjorana is Pungent.

Nature: It is very hot in nature.


Sweet Marjorana is very useful plant. It ends poison of Scorpio, phlegm, gas, foul smell and kills worms. It increases appetite and is useful for heart. It increases bile and cures leprosy and pain. It is digestible, bitter, and delicious. It is useful for the treatment of catarrh, anorexia, asthma, cough and wounds.

Useful in Different Diseases:

1. Headache: Prepare cold juice of Sweet Marjorana plant and take, it cures headache caused by marrow disorders.

2. Tuberculosis: Drink 5 to 10 ml juice of sweet marjorana’s root regular twice a day; it provides relief in tuberculosis.

3. Stomachache:

  • Taking four grams powder of sweet marjorana’s leaves and seeds is useful to end stomachache.
  • Take the juice of sweet marjorana and white clusters (Manjari) of leaves with the juice of white cleome viscosa’s leaves twice a day; it provides relief in stomachache.

4. Bloody loose-Motions: Rub sweet marjorana oil on the stomach and after that foment. It provides relief in bloody loose-motions.

5. To cause loose-motion: Take 20-40 grams paste of sweet marjorana, it causes loose-motions and throws out stomach gas.

6. Menstrual excretion Disorders: Take 20-30 grams paste of sweet marjorana regularly; it makes menstrual excretion normal.

7. Joints pain: Drink 100 ml decoction of sweet marjorana’s panchang (Root, stem, Leave, Fruit and Flower) thrice a day; it cures rheumatism.

8. Sprain: Rub with sweet marjorana oil; it provides much relief in sprain.

9. Swelling and pain: Boil branches of sweet marjorana with water consequently, steam comes out form this water. Give its steam upon the affected parts, it provides relief in swelling and pain.

10. Rheumatism: Take bath with sweet marjorana’s decoction or inhale its smoke, it is useful to cure rheumatism.

11. Amenorrhoea: Take 5 to 10 drops juice of white sweet marjorana’s panchang (The plant which is bush and found in gardens) twice a day, it makes menstrual excretion normal. There are two kinds of it as- white and black. Black sweet marjorana is not used in medicines. Its leaves are bigger than Nalsi. Anywhere it is called Palash too. Its leaves are very fragrant.