Sweet Flag Root



 Sweet flag trees are 2-5 feet long. They are soft bush. They are found near by ponds and in muddy soil. Sweet flag’s leaves are 30-80 cm long and half to 2-3 wide like sugarcane leaves. Sweet flag root spreads in the soil like ginger. Its root is fragrant. A leaf which has excessive fragrance is considered the best.Introduction:

           Basically sweet flag root is a plant of central Asia and Europe. From when it is grown in India, there is no proof in this case. Its savage or planted plants are found in Indian Himalayan region at the height of 6000 feet. A large number of sweet flag root trees are found at the hills of nag, Manipur and in the lakes and fields’ banks of Kashmir. Sweet flag root’s dry wood is sold in markets by the name of ghora vach. There are many kinds of Sweet flag root. Bal vach or parseek vach are main.        

Names in different languages:

English              -                Sweet flag root  

Hindi                 -                Ghoda bach, Vach

Sanskrit            -                 Agra gandha, Tikshnapatra

Scientific name -                 Bavtane bansune sna

Surname           -                Tambmaman

Marathi             -                 Bekhand

Bengali             -                 Bariboj, bach

Telugu              -                 Vas

Arabian            -                 Vajj

Parsian            -                 Agretarki

Tamil                -                 Vasumbu

Outer structure:

           Sweet flag trees are 2-5 feet long. They are soft bush. They are found near by ponds and in muddy soil. Sweet flag’s leaves are 30-80 cm long and half to 2-3 wide like sugarcane leaves. Sweet flag root spreads in the soil like ginger. Its root is fragrant. A leaf which has excessive fragrance is considered the best.

Small Sweet flag root:

           Sweet flag stem is 30-45 cm high and frequently has no branch. Its plant has 4 to 9 leaves in a bunch and they are sharp at the top. There is an umbrella shape at the top of its head. A stem comes out from this point where flowers appear.

Chemical structure:

           There is flyable oil in it which contains pynin and caffeine. Besides these kailemain, kelemenol, kelamenon, akerone, a thick-greasy glycoside named acorine or taninmusilej starch and calcium oxalate etc. elements are also found.


           Sweet flag is spicy, pungent and has much fragrance. It creates vomiting and increases appetite. It clears stool. It ends stomach pain due to gas, epilepsy, vatta and lunacy. It cures fever, heart beating, throat diseases and asthma also.


           Excessive use of Sweet flag is harmful. It is more harmful for hot natured persons. It generates headache.

For reading tips click below links     Sweet Flag Root (Vach*) is useful in different diseases:
1.     Hemicrania:-


    • Smelling Sweet flag and pepper powder ends hemicrania.
    • Apply Sweet flag panchang (root, stem, leaf, fruit and flower) on the head and pain affected place. It provides relief.
    • Grind Sweet flag with water and apply it on the forehead. It ends headache.
    2.     Tonic for brain:

    Tonic for brain:

      • Take Sweet flag stem powder with water, milk and ghee twice a day for one year. This medicine should be taken at least for one month. Its use enhances memory.
      • Prepare pudding by taking 10 grams Sweet flag powder and 250 grams ground sugar. Eat 10 grams of this pudding daily. It ends memory weakness.
      3.     Throat pain:

      Throat pain:

        Mix half gram Sweet flag powder with milk and take it thrice a day. It softens the phlegm. Throat pain ends after taking it.
        4.     Goitre:


          Smelling Sweet flag powder by mixing honey or neem’s oil ends goiter.
          5.     Epilepsy:


            Filter Sweet flag through a cloth. Lick half gram to 1 gram this powder with honey twice a day. During this period take only milk or rice. Its use provides a lot of relief in the diseases named epilepsy or lunacy.
            6.     Asthma- cough:

            Asthma- cough:

              • Boil 25 grams Sweet flag in 400 ml water until it remains one fourth. Taking this mixture thrice a day is useful to cure dry cough, stomach gas and pain.
              • Grind Sweet flag with mother’s milk and give it to the child. It ends children cough
              • Smell Sweet flag powder filtering through a cloth. It cures coryza.
              • An asthma patient should take 2 grams Sweet flag. After that, take half gram this medicine at the regular interval of three hour.
              7. Bloody loose motion:

              Bloody loose motion:

                • Boil sweet flag, coriander and cumin seed each 10 grams with 100 ml water until it remains 20 ml and drink it twice a day. It is useful for the treatment of loose motions and bloody loose motion.
                • Grind sweet flag, barley and prepare decoction. Taking it 25-35 ml this decoction prevents loose motions.
                8. Flatulence:


                  • Grind sweet flag with water and apply on the stomach for the treatment of flatulence.
                  • Grind sweet flag’s coal in caster or coconut oil. Applying this paste on the stomach ends flatulence.
                  9. Children Diarrhea:

                  Children Diarrhea:

                    Dissolve 125 ml sweet flag ash with water and give it to the child to drink. It stops diarrhea.
                    10. Stomach worms:

                    Stomach worms:

                      Eating 2 grams sweet flag powder with one gram toasted asafetida. Stomach worms are destroyed by its use.
                      11. Piles:


                        Take hemp, sweet flag and caraway each in equal quantity and burn. Now, take its smoke to end piles pain.
                        12. Painless delivery:

                        Painless delivery:

                          • Grind sweet flag with water and mix caster oil in it. Apply this preparation around the naval of pregnant lady.
                          • Sweet flag decoction should be given to a lady after delivery to get good health.
                          13. Anahawat:


                            Mix sweet flag and garlic in milk and heat this mixture. After that, mix rock salt and asafetida in it and give to the pregnant lady to drink. Its use provides relief in agony.
                            14. Mouth paralysis:

                            Mouth paralysis:

                              Mix half gram sweet flag powder with the equal quantity of dry ginger. Mouth paralysis is cured by licking this powder with honey twice or thrice a day.
                              15. Fever:


                                • Mix sweet flag in water and apply this prepared paste on the nose. This use cures coryza, cough and fever caused by coryza and cough.
                                • Inhaling myraboran chebulie, ghee and sweet flag’s smoke provides relief in typhoid.
                                • Grind sweet flag root with water and apply this on child’s hands and feet. Its use provides relief in fever.
                                16. Stammering:


                                  This kind of patient should suck fresh sweet flag branch’s 1 gram piece daily in the morning. Follow this rule for three months regularly. It provides a wonderful relief in this disease.
                                  17. Poison of purgative:

                                  Poison of purgative:

                                    Burn sweet flag with fire and mix its one gram ash in water. It reduces purgative poison and other diseases.
                                    18. Hydrocoel:


                                      Grind sweet flag and mustard with water and apply this paste. Its use cures hydrocoel within some days.
                                      19. Constipation:


                                        Take sweet flag and Sonamakhi stomach. Its use provides relief in constipation.