Sweet Clovese



Name in different languages:

English           -            Sweet clovese

Hindi              -            Ban meathi, Jungle meathi, Sinzi

Sanskrit         -            Banmeathika

Marathi          -            Jhir, Aktul, Mulk

Bengali          -            Ban meathi

Latin              -            Melilitus parnifilora


        Taking sweet clovese enhances milk in the breast and heals up wounds soon. The root of sweet clovese plant is used to reduce obesity. Its root increases urine and checks bile disorders.

Useful in different diseases:

For good amount milk in the breast: Grind the leaves of sweet clovese plant and mix in cow’s milk. Drinking this mixture daily in the morning enhances milk in the breast. It is also used for the treatment of indigestion, obstinate constipation, dyspepsia, bascillary dysentery and convulsion. The juice of fresh fruits or panchang of sweet clovese plant is beneficial in wounds and sinus. Its fresh juice is used to end the cough of children.