Sweet ciceli



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Name in different languages:

English              -       Sweet or Smoother ciceli

Hindi                 -       Sisali, Asali me saliyus

Bengali              -       Sasali, Sasaliyus

Persian              -       Anjudan rumi, Kashim rumi,  Chervil, seseli

Latin                 -        Myrrhis odorata


        Sweet ciceli is hot and dry of second and third class in nature. It increases urine and continues chocked menstrual excretion. It is stimulant and digests easily. Its use enhances sexual power and gets rid of pain. Its use gets rid of stomachache, burning sensation of the trachea and anuria and dysuria as well as uterus’ pain. Sweet ciceli is very useful in kidney problems and abdomen diseases. It is expectorant and gets rid of retention of urine.