Mostly, sweat is a part of water, which contains many types of salt as chloride of sodium and potassium and other chemical elements because of which sweat taste is salty.Sweat comes out from sweet glands, which are found on the below portion of the skin mostly below palms, soles and skull skin.


        Sweat comes out from sweet glands, which are found on the below portion of the skin mostly below palms, soles and skull skin. Generally, a person has 20-30 lac sweet glands. The numbers of these glands is excessive in women than men. However, sweat comes out in less quantity form women than men due to a testosterone named hormone.

Hypothalamus, a part situated in the brain orders to origin sweat. The blood of the body becomes warm due to any types of body warmth and when this warm blood reaches into the hypothalamus portion of the brain, it excites hypothalamus part. Consequently, sweat starts to come out in the sweat glands to normalize body temperature with the help of inner nerves of the skin, which starts to exude from the different portions of the body.

        When the surrounding of a person is dry and hot, sweat starts to change into steam. Sweat takes warmth from the skin in the process of sweating. In summer season, half liter sweat keeps on exuding from the body constantly to sustain normal temperature of the body. In this process, 125 calorie of the body warmth reduces in an hour because of which we feel cold.


        Water and salt become less in the body due to excessive sweat because of that headache, sleep, irritation and sometimes vomiting occur. The patient has no any decision and his body becomes cold. Breathing process and pulse rate become fast. In this condition, the patient should take tomato juice with salt and water to drink slowly-slowly. Lemon water also ends lacking of salt in the body. The work should not be done on empty stomach in the warm environment for a long time.  

Treatment by different medicines :

1. Green gram: Grind toasted green gram and mix it with water. Rub this paste on the body; it stops excessive sweat.

2. Myrabalan chebulie: Grind fine myrabalan chebulie and rub it on the affected part. Take bath after 10 minutes, it is useful to cure excessive sweat.

3. Alum:

  • Mix one spoon of ground alum with 2 glass cold water and wash the hand and feet with it. By it, sweat does not come.
  • Dissolve alum with water and wash the body with it. It reduces sweat quantity.

4. Cold water: If someone suffers from excessive in the feet, put the feet in lukewarm water thereafter put it in the cold water. These feet should be rubbed with together. Separate feet from the water and mop with the help of cloth. Use this process one week regularly, it provides very relief.  

5. Brinjal: Apply juice of raw brinjal on the palms and feet soles; it ends excessive sweat.

6. Salt: If someone has been suffering from offensive smell of sweat, salt should be used in less quantity with meals.

7. Pigeon pea: Season sauté one handful pigeon pea pulse, one spoon salt and half spoon ground dry ginger in mustard oil. Rub this mixture on the body, it stops coming sweat. This process can be used in the condition of excessive sweat caused by sannipat.

8. Aconite leaved kidney: Toast aconite leaved kidney and grind its flour. Mix one handful this flour with half spoon salt and rub it on the affected part. It stops coming sweat.

9. Datura: Take one gram ash of datura seeds once a day for 8-10 days regularly, it is useful to stop coming sweat of the hand and feet.

10. Rosewater: The patient suffers from prickly heat in summer and excessive sweat too. Mix 20 drops rosewater or juice of screw pine with one bucket water and take bath with it. If smell comes out from the water in less quantity, rosewater or juice of screw pine can be mixed again. 4 spoons gulakanda of rose flowers should be taken with hot milk at night.  

11. Rose:

  • The excessive sweat brings out in summer and increases bile. The nature has provided rose flower for curing it. Pink rose flower is the best in medicines. We should take one flower regularly.
  • If someone has been suffering from offensive smell of sweat, ground rose flowers should be coated on the body and bath should be taken after sometimes or mix 10 ml rosewater and juice of one lemon with one bucket water. Take bath with this mixture, it ends offensive smell of the body.

12. Poppy seed: Grind equal quantity of cuscus root, lotus leaves and lodh bark together. Rub this mixture on the body; it reduces coming sweat in excessive quantity in summer.

13. Hoarse gram: If someone has been suffering from coming excessive sweat, flour of hoarse gram should be rubbed on the body. It ends this problem.